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  1. What's the weather like?

    Temps were cool yesterday after the rain. Today, however, it is COLD!! I'D turn the heat in but the light company has to come out and light the furnace. Perfect soup weather. Right now it's 64'Fahrenheit. Looks like I'm going to have to hit the thrift stores to get these little people fitted up for the fall/winter. What's the weather like in your neck of the woods?
  2. Coffee or Tea?

    I was such a big coffee fan but all of a sudden, I can't finish a cup. I have now switched to tea. Yorkshire tea, specifically. I love it! Have you ever found yourself just "off" the coffee? Was it permanent? Or did you go off the tea and switch to coffee? No matter how off I get with the coffee, I always keep some home just in case. You never know!
  3. HEY Y'ALL!!!!!!! Boy have I missed you guys!! What a great early Christmas present, hey?! After the hellish week my family just went through, I'm snatching my blessings and counting them one by one! This will be the first time in a few years that most of the family will be in one spot so we can have a lovely family holiday. This year is truly filled with thanksgiving and gratitude. Those on my friends list know why Im feeling especially thankful! I went out today and picked up some glitter and letters for the grands new Christmas stockings. I want to make these more of an heirloom so I decided to start them earlier (for me) than usual. I'm also working on the menu for Thanksgiving and Christmas so I'll have to come back and update you on that. What are you guys planning this season?
  4. What Are You Watching Now? - 2018

    I'm watching The Lion In Winter. I love Richard Burton and Katherine Hepburn in this movie. Royalty with peasant tendencies, lol!
  5. What's Up in December? - 2018

    Hey y'all! Its a cold, gray and rainy day and because it's such a day, I'm in my flannel pj's today. I got up, took my shower and put on a fresh pair. My favorite spot is fitted out with my books, writing paraphernalia, laptop and remote controls. I have movies waiting for us to watch either tonight or tomorrow. I absolutely LOVE my Firestick!!! No more sitting in a movie theater. We can watch all the newest movies from the comfort of our home! Hope you all have a great day!
  6. Christmas Holiday 2018

    The house is as decorated as it will be. I still have to work on the kids stockings and I have all the food needed for Christmas dinner, all except the milk, cream and butter. As we're helping the kids with the grands Christmas gifts we won't be doing much shopping but that's no biggie as we really don't believe in doing a bunch of presents anyway. We do plan to take the kids out to look at the decorations and to pick the tackiest one of the season, lol! There are also a couple of Christmas shows we'd like to catch. Quiet celebrations with lots of food. My kind of holiday!
  7. Elizabeth George

    I'm addicted to Elizabeth George. I can't put the books down once I've started and I've watched just about every Inspector Lynley Mystery movie on netflix and dvd. I don't know what it is but I love settling down and getting lost all over England! Anyone else a fan?
  8. Elizabeth George

    I've read them all and watched the series. I just finished "What Came Before He Shot Her." Very engrossing and I found it interesting that none of the detectives entered the story til the end.
  9. General questions / discussions

    Feels like I'm loosing my friends! So you'll continue on our Facebook page? Will it be the same page or will you create another one?
  10. Christmas planning and chat

    Soooo, anybody planning for the holiday season yet, lol!!!!
  11. What's Up in July? - 2018

    Hey y'all!!! Hope everyone's enjoying their summer (or winter). It's hot, hot, hot! Yesterday the nation celebrated the 4th of July. We don't. Hubby worked and got holiday pay. I've been keeping my youngest grand diva for the past 1.5 weeks. The latest drama in DD's life has been the need for her, hubby, kids and dog to pick up and move AGAIN. This was after only moving into their other house 3 months ago. The landlord failed to disclose that the cooling/heating unit didn't work and that's why the last tenant broke her lease. In certain parts of the US not having AC isn't a problem, in the deep south where temps reach triple digits, its deadly. Instead of fixing the unit, the owner has decided it to let them out of the lease (they only wanted it fixed). Why? Because she can't afford to fix it. Who the bloody hell rents out property without the ability to make repairs? All the trouble the property manager went through vetting them, he didn't think to vet his client. Long story short, they are being sued (owner and property manager) for damages and moving expenses. They will be liable as its their fault the lease was broken. A complaint has been filed to the Better Business Bureau and the South Carolina Real Estate Commission (they oversee agents and managers) and generally, got his name on it crap list. As her hubby had to leave right after finding them a new place and my hubby and son had to work, the house was too hot to stay in, we had to make the move quickly. While doing the move, I also kept the kids (6 of them) at our home while she worked through the packing. Then we rented the Uhaul and did the move pretty much on our own (me and dd). Hubby was able to help us get the big furniture on the truck and unloaded and then it was on us. We did it and now she's settled in her new home with working AC, a large property that they can purchase if they choose and her brother's girlfriend lending a hand. It's been a busy couple of weeks. Next on the agenda is getting the three boys ready for their trip to Virginia on Saturday. Haircuts, packing, shopping, ugh! BUT they deserve the trip and a nice get away! I've managed to keep up with my gardening and house work so when I'm actually able to sit and enjoy, it won't be to do housekeeping. I plan to do a bit of reading and sitting on the dock. What are you up to?
  12. The...WEDDING

    Soooo, I've heard nothing but crickets about the ROYAL WEDDING, lol! Ok, who watched, don't be shy, tell us! I only caught bits and pieces but plan to watch it in segments. From what I've seen, it was beautiful!
  13. Happy 70th Birthday N.H.S. On 5.7.2018

    I read an article in Victoria magazine about an American traveling in Britain had an accident and broke her leg I think. Anyway, she couldnt say enough about the great service she received. From the emergency room visit, admittance and discharge all she had encountered was professional and pleasant staff.
  14. What's Up in June? - 2018

    Glad your dad is doing better! Hey y'all! Not much happening from home. Just housing the grands as the air conditioning has died in their house and temps have reached 92 degrees INSIDE. They will have to move again as the owner of the house says she doesn't have the money to fix it. Who the bloody so and so rents property without having the ability to maintain the property?! She's been threatened with a lawsuit as well as her property manager because he was aware that this issue before listing it. You cannot live in 92 degree heat and no breeze. They can't even cook in the house because its so hot. The humidity is no joke. Speaking of humidity, our daughter and grands traveled to visit us from Texas, we live in South Carolina. They left to go back home on Sunday and got back Monday (23.5 hours). Monday night our little grand daughter started having breathing issues and running a temp. We initially thought it was a bug she picked up from her cousins as they were having runny noses from the inadequate cooling in the houses. Nope, that's not it. After running dozens of tests, they have come to the conclusion that Z suffers from Restrictive Airway Disease. This basically means that whenever she travels to an area that has a different climate, especially humid, she will deal with this. There's no cure, only treatments and almost anything can trigger it. This poor little one has had so many health issues from birth. It breaks my heart.
  15. What's your current news about?

    Now that we've completely lost any sense of moral compass, it's decided to withdraw from the UN Human Rights Council. Of COURSE WE WILL! It's what cowards and despots DO! No shocker there, right?! I mean, how can we look other countries in the face and tell them how wrong they are and we're doing that AND worse. The Devil in the Orange Skin can't handle being called on his BS so he runs and hides. I hate this man. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-06-19/trump-is-said-ready-to-pull-u-s-from-un-s-human-rights-council?utm_content=bloomberg&utm_campaign=socialflow-organic-breaking&utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social
  16. What Are You Watching Now? - 2018

    I can't believe its over!!
  17. What's Up in June? - 2018

    Hey y'all! Had a pleasant week last week and a nicer weekend. Our eldest dd and three grands visited from Texas and were here in time for my mother in laws birthday cookout hosted at our home. It was lovely weather, fantastic food, great company and she really enjoyed herself! I got to spend time with 9 of our grands and it was just too precious! The house was full to bursting from Wednesday til Sunday morning when Dd and the kids traveled back to Texas. The house is in order (made sure of that Saturday evening). We're now just relaxing and recuperating til hubby goes back to work tomorrow. Then its a matter of keeping cool and keeping my plants from dying. What have y'all been up to? The board has been really quiet!
  18. What Are You Watching Now? - 2018

    I watched the original move back in the late 80's I think it was. That was more than enough for me. Currently binging on Shannara Chronicles. It's a really good series but I am finding a lot of LOTR's element in it. No matter. It's only two seasons or 20 episodes. We're down 13 episodes already and we only started it yesterday, lol!
  19. What's the weather like?

    We've descended into the third level of hell. Triple digits, yes TRIPLE DIGITS!!!!
  20. What's your current news about?

    We are now separating babies from their parents as those parents cross the boarder seeking asylum from gang killings and domestic violence. These were once reasons for seeking asylum, now these people reaching out for help are detained and their children taken away. We have a "zero tolerance" policy in effect and Drumpf's henchman is using the bible as a reference to its legality. Its now cool to kidnap babies and house then in kennel cages. I hate these people.
  21. What's Up in June? - 2018

    Hey y'all! Quiet day today, well, as quiet as 6 grandkids can be. Hubby is working on his car and I've cleaned the house and washed my hair. I'll putter around with the kids for the rest of the day til their parents pick them up. Saturday I took the grands to the local park with a water feature. I also took a nice walk around SodaCity (outdoor market held downtown every Saturday) and a quick walk through Barnes and Noble. Very nice day. Sunday was spent at home lazing about. I ran out to drop off diapers for Sarah. Her daddy worked out of town and didn't get home til last night. Baby couldn't wait til then for her diapers, lol! So, I dropped off what I had around the house. Otherwise, it was a Midsomer Murders kind of day. What are y'all up to?
  22. What's the weather like?

    It appears to be full on summer time. I'm wanting to get out and do some planting but its so HOT! I've got to get it done though because we have a family get together next weekend. After two weeks of rain we are no in the dry spell. Oh well, it tis what it is!
  23. What's Up in June? - 2018

    Hey y'all! The boards been pretty quiet huh? It's been a bit busy around here the last couple of weeks. We had friends come spend the day with us last Saturday. They picked a great day to visit. We went out to a lovely seafood restaurant and then sat on our dock with drinks and duck watching. It was very relaxing. Hadn't seen them in over 20 years! The previous week was spent playing taxi driver to dh. We have two vehicles, the SUV and a little get about. Hubby drives the get about to work and back, that's about it. We'll last year I went to have the title transferred from m-i-l (she gave him the car) and somehow they put the title in ds name. Two problems, ds had to pay the taxes on HIS vehicle before he could transfer it back to hubby's name. DS is the "II" and it prevented us from doing the paperwork. So I had to spend most of the afternoon getting it taken care of. It's taken MONTHS. But for the past several months I've had to get up and drop him off and then pick him up. The problem is that he is always getting off late. Last week he worked about 95 hours. Friday night I didn't pick him up til 0100!! It really kept me on a short leash so to speak. I've also been doing the granny thing and taking dd to run errands. Today is the first time in so many weeks where I can stay home with no intentions of going out. I picked dd up for a doctors appointment but had to reschedule it because we were late. Instead of taking them (dd and grands) back home, we just came to my house and relaxed outside. They stretched their legs and dd got to relax in the backyard and watch the water. I dropped them off by lunch time and am now relaxing and watching The Causal Vacancy. I'll throw some stir fry and mandarin chicken in the wok for dinner and that will do it for me. Tomorrow afternoon I'll have to take dd to the rescheduled appt and then Saturday I'm taking the kids to the water park. What have you guys been up to?
  24. What's the weather like?

    It's been a pretty wet week. Woke up to torrential rains and a flash flood warning for the surrounding area. No flooding thank goodness. The rain is much needed. Our lake has been needing the water level to rise enough so that the dam can be opened. The ducks and geese are more than happy! We've got a few more days of it and then the sun will shine.
  25. Wild World

    My neighbors. They inhabit the lake adjacent to my backyard.