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Promotional / Advertising Policy

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During the time that the forum has been running, we have had to regularly review and change our promotional policy. We are attempting to find the best solution for all, so we appreciate your understanding and co-operation.

Authors, Publishers and PR Companies - we do not allow promotion of books on the forum. Unfortunately too many people have tried to promote their book by being deceitful, and it causes too many problems to sort out. Please note this also applies to friends, family and fans - please do not join just to promote, your post will be removed, and you may be banned.


Please note that if your first post is to tell us about a great book you've discovered, the team will investigate - if there's any sign of you being connected to the book in question, your post will be deleted. If you continue, you will probably find yourself banned.


We're actually a friendly forum, and some authors have taken the time to become involved, and have been welcomed. As we have a very active moderating team here, any promotional postings are soon removed, so please consider taking the time to get involved instead.

Authors, please check our rules before adding a signature.

Finally, advertising is not permissible within the forum, and will be removed. As well as obvious spam, this includes advertising other websites, ebay listings, affiliate links etc - including within your profile, and status updates.

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Signature Rules


We appreciate that members have different uses for their signatures, and we've recently changed our guidelines concerning them, to try to make things a little clearer.


~ Signatures shouldn't be more than 4 lines. You may change the text colour, but please do not bold or increase the text size. Graphics are not allowed, including smilies.


~ With regards to links in your signature, the general rule is one link only. The exception is that you can also add 1 or 2 links to places within the forum, such as your reading thread/log. Links should generally be to personal sites only - commercial sites are not allowed (including affiliate links), but charities/good causes are.


~ Authors - after 30 posts, you may include a link to your author site or blog. Please do not link to a commercial site such as amazon or smashwords.


If you are unsure, we recommend contacting us first. The mod team may alter or remove a signature they do not feel appropriate.

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