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Guidelines for posting a review.


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If submitting a review, please make sure that you have provided the following:


Book Title and Author

This should be in post title, but can also be repeated in the review. (Please use capitals)


Synopsis / Summary

You can copy a synopsis from somewhere like amazon, but please quote your source. Alternatively, provide a short summary in your own words. Please do not give away important parts of the book!


Your views / thoughts / opinions

This is the most important part of your review, please provide a few details as to whether you enjoyed the book, or not. What type of book is it, were the characters well written, do you have any criticisms? If it's a book that you didn't enjoy, try to outline why. Does it remind you of any other book, which would guide readers to know whether to try it?


Remember that a review is there to share your opinion on the book, and other readers often use them to decide whether to try it. We would recommend that your review has a minimum of around 75 words.


If you need to give away important plot points, please use the spoiler tags.


If you simply wish to discuss a certain book, or ask for opinions etc, please post in Specific Authors or Books. If we feel that your post is more suited there, we may move it.

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As Michelle said, 75 would be the minimum - most people would need and use more than that. This would, of course, be on top of the synopsis and other information.

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