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Hey guys so i read a book a long time ago online and now i cant remember the title but i remember a decent amount of the plot so if this reminds you of a book you read please let me know, I really want to reread it. So it begins with the main girl in her bedroom when a random guy enters it and abducts the main girl because her uncle is involved with the maifa/bratva. Then after kidnapping her the main girl and the kidnapper start to fall in love and because of that he decides to let her go even though they both dont want that. She returns to NYC and gets kidnapped and forced to marry someone else in another gang/smaller mafia than the original one. But the main guy comes back for her and takes her back at the alter. Him and his best friend i think his name is luca and the girl end up crashing at a nearby hotel and manage to make a truce with this mafia. While at the maifa the main girl gets r worded but themain guy killed the guard that did it. There's some spicy scenes towards the end as they try out their kinks. Thats a summary of what i can remember. Also theres a mention of his uncle building a state if the art hospital for his wife, the main guy's aunt, who's called isabella. Anyone help would be much appreciated.

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