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The Fallen Angel

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The Fallen Angel


He lives in the greatest kingdom ever exists. 

In your deepest dream you can only wish. 


Made and shaped like an instrument of brass and gold. 

Music flows like a rivers straight out of his soul


He made sounds like a thousand ocean singing. 

Crystal clear as a great bell ringing. 


Greed and jealousy in the midst of his heart. 

In time it will only confuse him and tear him apart. 


His appearance was so beautiful and great. 

This powerful angel represent pride,envy and hate. 


He wanted to be the ruler of the heavens and all. 

By God's law he was destined to fall. 


Pride, jealousy and envy grew in the midst of his hearts. 

God raise his hand and said, "From this kingdom you must depart." 


Revenge and hate was on the angel's mind. 

He swore to get back at God, to the end of time. 


This feeling of pride  he couldn't take this feeling anymore. 

God's will he plan to kill, steal and destroy. 


Fallen angel brung down many children husbands and wives. 

He destroyed many kingdom and family's lives. 


He stands in the shadow of the light waiting patiently for his turn. 

He waits to steal your soul and watch it burn. 


So many people are being deceived, 

putting faith in materialistic things and God they do not believe. 


Please, don't be like the angel that thought he had it all

Allowed pride jealousy and greed cause him to Fall!!


I'm looking for the poet who wrote this. Does anybody have any suggestions as to where to look? The search engine wasn't useful

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