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Every now and then you need a light book to pass a plane journey at the start of a holiday. Panic is that book.


So there is this TV sci-fi series, City of Night, with two main protagonists, Pandora and Lyric. They have a relationship and it is called #Panic. There is an online community of uber-fans who let their lives revolve around the TV show. They adore Alice Temple who plays Lyric. 

This novel features four such fans from around the world who jump at the chance to admit a show-insider to their set. And the insider tells them that Alice is in grave danger. 


The structure allows multiple POVs as the four characters interact across time zones and then come together for a fan convention. They are each outsiders in their own community, particularly from an LGBTQI+ perspective. It is amusing to see them being Internet-nice to one another, all terrified of inadvertently offending one another. They attach such meaning to their interactions and to the show - presumably because it offers a better reality to them than their real lives. 


Obviously, this tale of obsession and perfection fractures as the cracks in the relationships start to emerge - particularly as the fourth wall of the TV screen is shattered and the fans come into contact with Alice. 


This is not high literature, it is fun. It is quirky and fastened light. It is written in hashtags. It is perfect for a plane ride.

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