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Vintage Primers and Preprimers


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My wife has a small collection of old readers and primers. She has one of the Pathways to Reading series published by Thomas Nelson 'The Educational Books Co.', written by Wees, Frances Shelley and Martha Maud Watterworth, and illustrated by Mary Hyrchenuk & W. R. Stark.  The title of the booklet is "Baby Sally and Peter" and the background is a sand or dark gold color. When I did a search for the primer on the internet I ran across another Pathways to Reading Primer with the exact same illustration of the three children, but with the title "Baby Sally and Joe," and it has a baby blue background. This primer was published in 1945, a few years after the first Dick and Jane primers were first published. The inside also appears to be identical except the boy is named Joe in place of Peter. I have seen only the cover and page 1 of the blue 'Joe' version, so I cannot verify with certainty that the other pages are all identical. Does anyone have any explanation for the existence of these two similar versions of the book? I believe this series was used both in the US and in Canada, and possibly also in Great Britain and other British colonies. Was one the US edition and the other the Canadian or British edition? Why the two different names?

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