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For the Dutch readers out there


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Hello everyone, I've read 'jij zegt het' from Connie Palmen this week, and I thought it was lovely. It won't come out in the UK until 2018, but I did want to start a topic about this book, because I really enjoyed it. I read it as an e-book, but that didn't stop me form reading very quickly. I finished the book in just 2 days! The book itself has won the Libris literature-award and it's been nominated for at least the Inktaap. I just wanted to ask you, what did you think of this book? :welcomeboard: :sign0114:

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We don't have too many Dutch people here (unfortunately.). I'm from the Netherlands, but I haven't read the book you mention. I don't read Dutch authors that often and when I do they are often children's or YA books, not books of literature for adults. I do read those on occasion but not that often. I haven't read anything by Connie Palmen, though maybe I will some day. I haven't heard of the Inktaap, what an interesting name for an award. I'm glad you enjoyed Jij zegt het though. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.

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It doesn't matter Athena, I just thought I'd look if anyone had read it.

With my next post I'll pay attention to the fact that there aren't many Dutch people here. 

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