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UK book trade sees strong Christmas sales


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That is good news for book shops,


I have started reading a lot more books than on my Ipad.  With being on a computer all day looking at a screen I am finding it easier to read a book and I don't fall asleep so quickly. Before Christmas when I was trying to read a book on my iPhone I would read about a page and then wake up an hour later and be about 50 pages further on than I should be. :giggle2:

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It is great news.  I think that research suggests that younger readers prefer physical books to digital copies, and that ebook sales have seen much slower growth over the last couple of years.  Personally, I have to admit, I have gone back to reading more tree books as I've found more independent bookshops, and also since my OH is reading some books again, it's easier to buy a book to share, as he doesn't have a Kindle.  My goddaughter is also now the right age for middle grade books, and I've read quite a lot of those, so I've been tending to buy those as paper books too, so that I can hand them on to her.

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