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Early Release Date?


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Hey all,


I was just wandering through Big W and spotted something that threw me a bit. A copy of the new James Patterson Women's Murder Club book 15th Affair....I thought It wasn't to be released until may 2nd?  With further checking, Target is selling it, Book Depository is selling it and so is QBD and Dymocks. Was there a mix up with the release date?




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It's not uncommon for some books to be available in some shops before the official release date.  A book I've read recently was due to be published on the 5th March, but was available in Waterstone's at the beginning of February as they'd chosen it as one of their books of the month.  If you've been waiting for it from any other bookseller (including Amazon), you'll still be waiting until 5th March.


It depends on the marketing strategy for the book, and how the publishers think they can get maximum exposure without spending too much on promotion.  I think it's often only the bigger publishing events, such as the Harry Potter books, where book shops are under a contractual agreement not to release the book before the official date.  I wonder if some of the bookshops are also allowed to sell earlier than the official date to help promote sales of the tree books through real bookshops as opposed to the discounted online retailers such as Amazon.

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