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5 Book Records


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As seen on Must Reads (a Dutch website), who found the records via Guinness Book of Records.


I'll translate them loosely here.


1. The largest collection of bookmarks

Frank Divendal from Alkmaar, the Netherlands, has the largest collection of bookmarks in the world. His record, dated from 2010, is set to over 103,000 bookmarks, nowadays his collection features over 120,000 bookmarks. That makes my bookmark collection look small!


2. Most signed books in one session

On 21 June 2014 Orrin Woodward signed 6786 copies of his book And Justice For All in 6 hours and 33 minutes.


3. The largest private book collection

John Q. Benham has over 1.5 million books. After he ran out of space in his house, he used his garage (where there used to be space for 6 cars).


4. Largest book domino

On 14 October 2015 the largest book domino ever happened in Frankfurt, Germany. There were 10,200 books.


5. The quickest selling fiction book

The quickest selling fiction book is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the last Harry Potter book from the series by J. K. Rowling. In 24 hours 8.3 million copies were sold worldwide. That's 345,833 books per hour!

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