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  1. he lies and the sleaze of elected MPs Is no less than a national disgrace. This morning we find that one more has resigned, For groping while out of his face. There are those who are sure that the old House of Lords Will one day be scrapped; who can tell? I tend to agree, but from what I can see, They should shut down the Commons as well.
  2. Or in fact anything that is a fusion of jazz and something else incredibly heavy, and if so what are some amazing examples of it.
  3. She says to her doctor "ever since my husband had a accident and lost all of his toes on his left foot I feel sick when I am around him " , ahh said the doctor I know what the problem is you are lack toes intolerant .
  4. Ok so I wanna make songs on my phone, but I don't know how. What I want is to somehow record me singing while the background music plays. I use an android if that helps.
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