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Madeleine's Books Read 2022

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A Cotswold Christmas Mystery by Rebecca Tope - I haven't read a book in this long-running series for a while, and things have moved on quite a bit for house-sitter Thea, who is now married to Drew Slocombe, a local undertaker who she presumably met through her 2nd job (her first is house-sitting) as an unofficial detective!  No house-sitting in this book, instead Thea, Drew and his 2 children from his first marriage (he's a widower) are getting ready for Christmas and awaiting the arrival of Thea's daughter from her first marriage.  Trouble breaks out when a local woman, who is a friend of Thea's, goes missing, and when the body of the local landlord, on whose land the woman and her family were tenants, is found dead in very suspicious circumstances, things don't look too good for Thea's friend.  So Thea and her stepdaughter, 10 year old Stephanie, decide to try to find out what is going on.  Not surprisingly this ruffles a few feathers, not least from the dead man's wife and her daughters from her first marriage.  It's an easy enough read, but  I didn't find the way it was told primarily through the eyes of a child very convincing, this child was more like 10 years old going on about 50!  Other things didn't make sense either, mainly that surely if the dead man had been electrocuted, wouldn't there have been marks on his body?  So a comfort read for Christmas, but nothing particularly special. 6/10

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