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Books about the outsider/dreamer , who fails to adapt to society

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            I am looking for books about the outsider, the dreamer/believer, a person with ideals, who fails to adapt to society, (someone with а rich inner world), trapped in the outside of his generation / world / society; ... dreaming of a different, better world (perfect world ...).
And his consequent (And the further increase) alienation, loosing ground gradual decline/hiding from society; until final breakup.


The most similar to what I am looking for are:
The main character in "Marten Eden" (by Jack London). “The Memory Artists" by Jeffrey Moore (with Norval as the main character and Noel Burun partly). And also Chris McCandless in the film "Into the Wild".
 I liked the idea of “Midnight in Paris” by Woody Allen about the Golden Age Syndrome too.


2. A movie or book about the last days of a person's life (time until the end of life).
Ex: "The Bucket list", but it is very sweeten and positive...






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Hi Taurus, I noticed you made a similar request before and just wondered if you've seen the replies to that thread?


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