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  1. Your Book Activity - September 2021

    Ooh I heard that was good. I think it also has a really pretty cover, if I remember correctly?? I have gotten the impression from other reviews that it's a bit of a love it or hate it book. Thinking about reading is the next best thing to reading. I have a cup of tea and I'm now going to curl up on the sofa and read Botanical Folk Tales until it's finished. Only moving for emergencies. Or, possibly, for more tea.
  2. Read-a-thons 2021

    My plan for the September read-a-thon is to finish Botanical Folk Tales, read at least four chapters of Silence and start a new novel (probably the next Septimus Heap book, but I haven't 100% decided yet). I've had one of those 'everything that could go wrong...' weeks, so looking forward to excusing myself for a good few hours of reading now! (I've even put on my socks that say 'Go away, I'm reading' on the bottom )
  3. Victober

    I personally think the Victorians would have like reading sensation novels while eating posh crisps
  4. Something similar to Sharpe?

    Sorry but we can't have the file links to download like that on here. Perhaps, if the original poster wants them, you could send them via private message.
  5. examples of plagiarism

    I think the issue there would be that, while individual characteristics (x-ray vision, super hearing etc.) wouldn't be copyrighted, the combination of all of all the characteristics you listed make an individual character who is recognisable. If you put a wig on superman, those characteristics would still allow you to recognise him as superman. And even if you were talking about a character who wasn't as high profile (or covered by as many copyright laws) as superman, a character or thing in a book which is that recognisable would be the intellectual property of the creator, and so still legally protected.
  6. Waterstones Women's Prize for Fiction 2021

    I would say the same about Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell! I knew I’d like the subject when I bought it, but I absolutely did not expect to love it as much as I did. It is so well crafted. I hope you’ll love it too! I didn’t know that! It’s been a very long time since I read a stream-of-consciousness novel so that should be interesting.
  7. Seasonal Reading

    Oh The Shape of Darkness is the new book? I took it to mean that there was another new one announced. Although I suppose that would have been very fast
  8. Your Hobbies, Collections, and Obsessions

    Oh wow that is a beautiful stack of blankets!!
  9. Seasonal Reading

    Ooh I hadn’t heard that! That’s another one I really want!
  10. Waterstones Women's Prize for Fiction 2021

    I am really looking forward to this book, but I also don’t know how it could possibly live up to Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell for me!
  11. Victober

    Well I was very torn between two but I’m going to go for: Challenge Suggestion 1: Read something that was written for Victorian children (including poetry, fiction and non-fiction).
  12. Hayley's Reading in 2021

    Well that's the perfect excuse to buy another book . I'm excited for those now! I'll prepare myself for some choppiness when I start that one then. Kraken was the book that actually drew my attention to the author, I'm pretty sure originally I saw it in one of those 'if you like this author, then you'll like this one...' lists, where he was compared to Neil Gaiman.
  13. Victober

    Excellent! I definitely agree that there shouldn't be a ton of reading, I wouldn't be able to do that either. Adding poems and short stories would make that much more manageable. That sounds good to me! If fewer than ten people have challenge suggestions by next week then participants can suggest a second challenge. Alternatively, if a lot of people want to make suggestions, we can change the format slightly and do the poll in rounds. I will be back soon with my challenge suggestion
  14. Victober

    I am always willing to talk about Victorian literature . I do think the concept sounds interesting, I'll have a think about joining in! Although, you are right about the 'countryside or city' category; I'd find it more difficult to think of an example that is not set in the countryside or city. And popular at any point in history is also extremely vague. Technically anything that we can still get in print could be in that category. Unless you'd like to set up a Victober-style group read here just for the forum? We could set up a poll for the categories. I would definitely be up for that .
  15. Hayley's Reading in 2021

    Thanks it is a nice feeling. It didn't really feel right here without my books! Oh you've read a lot of them! What did you think of The Kraken and The Scar? They were both really impulse buys from a charity shop, I'd only vaguely heard of the author before. I've been saving The Dance of the Serpents because I don't want there to be no more left to read in the series, and it's so long until the next one! it's been really good exercise! I'm glad you pointed that out because First Among Sequels shouldn't be on that pile, I've already read it! I always enjoy Jasper Fforde books, so I'm already very confident that I'll love The Fourth Bear
  16. The Limerick Game

    Mike Smith from Aberystwyth Was a fan of PG's Psmith When he read his new book A deep breath he took
  17. Hayley's Reading in 2021

    Thank you! I am glad because I have more . I unpacked another box earlier, so have added to the mount TBR: I thought I’d feel quite daunted by the physical size of my tbr pile, but I’m actually just really excited to read them all . It’s nice having them all (well nearly all, only a few left to go) out and in the same place!
  18. Hello, welcome to the forum . Are there any features you prefer in science fiction, or do you just want recommendations of anything that's considered a classic?
  19. Your Book Activity - September 2021

    That's high on my wish list! Yay! I've only got about 20 pages left of Botanical Folk Tales and I definitely want a novel, rather than more short stories, next. I might read the next Septimus Heap book
  20. Your Hobbies, Collections, and Obsessions

    Weirdly, after the above conversation, I had an email about a sale at The Works and this was the first thing on the list! Portapuzzle Standard Jigsaw Accessory - For 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzles from £12.00 | The Works So apparently you can get flat ones as well as rolled up ones!
  21. You just don't really need to include the word year at all, because it doesn't add anything to your understanding of the sentence.
  22. Seasonal Reading

    I am really looking forward to that one! Oh wow, I might have a look for that too!
  23. Seasonal Reading

    Now that meteorological autumn is here for the northern hemisphere, and the autumn equinox is nearly here, does anybody have any particular books they've been saving for autumn? Or books you plan to buy? I had a 25% off voucher for Waterstones, so I treated myself to The Haunting Season: Ghostly Tales for Long Winter Nights, which will be out on the 21st October and is probably not going to be saved until winter (although, having seen the size of my TBR list, it might be). I'd also like to read Classic Victorian & Edwardian Ghost Stories this year, which I ran out of time for last year, and Bone China by Laura Purcell .
  24. 'We start at midwinter, when most plant life is dormant'. Botanical Folk Tales of Britain and Ireland by Lisa Schneidau and (because, unusually for me, I'm reading two books at once) 'Whenever I am unable to walk, climb or sail away from the world, I have learned to shut it out'. Silence in the Age of Noise by Erling Kagge
  25. Hux Book Blog 2021

    Well that sounds lovely . It's been quite a while since I read A Month in the Country, but the main thing I remember about it is that charming, rural atmosphere. To be honest, I remember that far better than I remember anything about the plot!