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  1. This is the long awaited book by Marian after her recent battle with depression. It brings back one of the Walsh family, this time Helen, who, with the economic downturn, has little to no work as a private investigator and has to move back home to live with her parents. As usual with Marian, she interweaves an issue, this time about depression, with a fiction story which is laugh aloud in parts. Much of it is old style Marian, with her note for detail of everyday life and it's absurdness and hilarity. The mystery is a good one, and though other reviewers on Amazon saw it coming, I did not. It's not a blood and guts mystery, more a chick lit mystery. I loved it and i am glad Marian is back in the game. Oh, one thing I found. I had also bought her book "Saved by Cake" bake yourself happy about Maryanns own battle with depression and over 50 cake recipes. I am such a tragic fan girl! I noted that chuncks of what Marian had written in SBC were also written word for word from Helen Walsh. I found that a little unsettling, but shouldn't have really. I think Marian was speaking through Helen. If you love Marian, you'll love it
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