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  1. Hello Pickle. Haven't 'seen' you in ages. Have a gorgeous birthday. XXX

  2. Belated Happy Birthday, pickle!

  3. Thanks everyone for the messages I have reached 40 and had a fab weekend sorry not been on much recently will get back into the swing of things soon I promise

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    2. karen.d


      Happy Birthday!

    3. Pixie


      Happy birthday. Wow, you are young! Younger than I am, anyway. :)

    4. Chrissy


      Fab Forty! Enjoy - these years are wonderful. : D

  4. Best Wishes from me

  5. Happy Birthday, pickle, hope you are having a great day :) x

  6. Happy Birthday Pickle lady. Have a lovely day. : ) XXX

  7. woken up after an hours sleep and a nightmare. Feel very odd. I know i was running at the end of it disturbing

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    2. pickle


      Yeah i dropped back to sleep pretty quickly but it was horrible...


    3. Inver


      hate those...xx

    4. vodkafan


      If you are not running in a nightmare it will catch you ! Then you might not wake up....

  8. currently sporting a new fragrance eau de Germolene to counteract the 20 bites at the top of each arm....love this damp humid weather and the feasting that comes with it!

    1. Chrissy


      I have worn this fragrance many times too, along with tea tree oil and sudocreme!

    2. poppyshake


      They don't like me which is something you think I'd be glad about but ridiculously I feel slighted. Hope the weather changes soon pickle and that we get some good dry sunshine.

  9. I am currently negotiating my way through a sea of egos in the office...what a pain!!

    1. ian


      You must work in a similar office to me then! Office work = easy; Office politics = hard!

    2. pickle


      Yup thats about it, spend most of my time calming people down rather than getting on with my job

  10. is back and I want to know where the sun is?

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    2. Inver


      the sun has gone on holiday too and has been gone for weeks

    3. Karsa Orlong

      Karsa Orlong

      My boss thinks it shines out of his backside!

    4. SueK


      Sun, sun, not can't say I've heard of that word. Is it English?

  11. One day til a week in Spain what can possibly go wrong

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    2. pickle


      thats the one, no doubt there were some excited relatives last night...what can I say Viva Espana


    3. chesilbeach


      Have a lovely time! x

    4. poppyshake


      .. one of us might tie you up in a basement and use your ticket :) How observant are your rellies? ;)

  12. Have managed to upset a friend who is now making me feel really guilty...dam!!

    1. poppyshake


      I'm sure you didn't mean it and he/she should know that. Is chocolate the answer (either for you or them .. or both!) sending hugs xx we know you're not a meany

  13. have the day of to sit in the garden reading whilst watching some men fix my roof. Bliss

    1. ian


      Eyes back on the book, Pickle! lol

  14. Personal Statement on application form has taken me 2 hours so far...arghhhh

    1. Coffin Nail

      Coffin Nail

      Aww poor Pickle. They are a horror xx

    2. pickle


      Yep and its out of my comfort zone in another sector altogether eeeek

  15. I share an office with someone even more tempermental than me!!! swearing and shouting ahoy!