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  1. Currently reading Stephen R. Lawhead - Pendragon Cycle Book One : Taliesin

  2. Kindle touch arrived! :) Already read two books on it! Starting a third.

  3. 24 Hours left till I can see The Dark Knight Rises with my nephews and nieces! Am I an awesome uncle or what? :D

    1. Inver


      enjoy...I did

    2. vinay87


      It was beautiwesome! :D


      Going to see it again in an hour :)

  4. Going to get a Kindle Touch soon! :)

    1. poppyshake


      Pistols at dawn!;) only kidding .. enjoy!

    2. vinay87


      Lol still a month left for it to arrive at the least. Getting it through a friend of a friend who's in the US on work.

  5. I'm back! Hopefully I'll pop in more frequently! Also, I finished my book :)

  6. I'm back! Hopefully I'll pop in more frequently! Also, I finished my book :)

    1. vodkafan


      you finished! That's great Vinay!

    2. vinay87


      :) Finished it about 2 months ago tbh. How are you James? How're your kids?
  7. I'm back! Hopefully I'll pop in more frequently

  8. Finished Gibbon. Humbled by the sheer size! Will read the entire unabridged version some day.

  9. Gibbon's getting harder to read towards the end. There're far too many names swishing past me right now. But I think this part needs more effort from the reader, something I have to spare at a later juncture for the reread.

  10. Gibbon my man, I salute you. I'm through volume one and almost done with volume two. This is a book everyone must read!

  11. Reading again after a long hiatus. Raymond E. Feist!

  12. Since I haven't been able to read anything for quite some time (weeks, possibly) I'm picking up Les Miserables after a long time. It's my favourite book but I'm sorry to say I've only read the abridged Penguin edition until now. Now I'm picking up the Wordsworth Classics edition (in 2 volumes). Jean Valjean lives!

  13. I am a 24 year old grandfather. (My niece gave birth to a girl this morning, hey that counts doesn't it?!)

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    2. vinay87


      Aw lol the words are the same in my language.


      Doesn't matter though :)

    3. Janet


      Oh, I see. Here, a Grandfather is the father of one of the parents (Dad or Mum) and a Great-uncle/Great-aunt is an uncle/aunt to the parent (if that makes sense!)


    4. Hyzenthlay



  14. Diving into the Dark Tower series finally!!

    1. emmylou


      how are you getting on with them so far?

    2. vinay87


      Ah I read the first "chapter" of the first book. Got confused, I'll return to it some other day I think. For some reason, although I admire King, I have never enjoyed a book of his. Something about his writing style doesn't appeal to me. I didn't like Cujo either. I finished the book and went, "Wait, so it was just a rabid dog?"


  15. I envy my sister who has just discovered the joy of reading at the "young" age of 18. She hasn't read The Wizard of Oz, Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Finn, Heidi, The Lord of the Rings, Oliver Twist, Dracula or anything else except the Harry Potter books and the Hobbit. I really do envy her. I can't wait to see her the expression on her face when she finally reads Terry Pratchett either. Lucky her. :P Yes I'm being the good elder brother by trying to tell her what to read.

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    2. vinay87


      I know! I sort of wish I was her right now. Just so I could forget LOTR and reread it from the beginning. (She hasn't even watched the movies! She hardly watches good movies either. She watched Braveheart for the first time last night.)

    3. vodkafan


      That never works Vinay. Hey I haven't read any of those books either..guess I am a heretic

    4. vinay87
  16. Been inactive and havent read books for a long time. Just got fired so I hope to change all of that by reading more and posting more. ofc writing more too.

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    2. vinay87


      Thanks a lot you guys. It only hurt in the beginning because this was my first job ever. Now it's just annoying my mom because I'm home all the time. At least I'm getting some reading done for now. It's time I pay attention to my book as well, it demands to be written.

    3. ~Andrea~


      Sorry to hear about your job. I too got fired from my first job ever. I thought the world had ended at the time but of course things srted themselves out in the end. Hope something better comes along soon. Good luck with the writing.

    4. vinay87


      Thanks Andrea..

      I'm trying to find anything right now, I was picky before but now I don't care as much.

  17. Rage apparently makes me write dark, yet pretty nice stuff!

  18. Work isn't going as planned. :( I pray for the strength to learn how to work better. Have a presentation to make on friday, kinda scared.

  19. It's a lazy and cloudy day. Feel sad for no real reason, especially when I have cause for joy.

    1. ~Andrea~


      take care vinay x

    2. vinay87


      aw thanks Andrea!



      The day suddenly turned brighter though :) my friend apologised and we're talking once again, the clouds are gone and mom made pizza :)

    3. Charm


      Glad you're feeling better Vinay :)

  20. I need help controlling my book-buying urges! TBR is already >100 book high :(

    1. I'mRose


      We all need help, perhaps some kind of support group is in order ;-)

    2. vinay87


      lol well with me beginning my earning finally, I'd like to think that there's a way out! :(

    3. poppyshake


      Let's face it, we're all bookaholics, there's no point in fighting it. I have made a thousand resolutions on the subject and broken them all.

  21. Submitted my manuscript for the first time! To HarperCollins India!

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    2. I'mRose


      That is awesome, best of luck!

    3. ~Andrea~


      How exciting!! Good luck!

    4. vinay87


      Thank you very much! :)

  22. Typesetting a Project Gutenberg etext to ready it for printing is hard work!

  23. I'm glad I decided to rewrite my book word for word. It's at 45% now and looking gooooood! I can't wait to be done so I can submit it and start work on another story.

  24. Writing mojo is back!!

  25. It's fun to listen to an audiobook when taking a break from studying and from reading War and Peace. War is one of my favourite subjects! I wish I had discovered this much earlier so I could have taken up war studies!