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  1. It's been such a long time since you were last here Vinay. I hope all is well and happy with you. Have a lovely birthday. :)

  2. Happy Birthday Vinay. I hope youu are enjoying a lovely day.

  3. Currently reading Stephen R. Lawhead - Pendragon Cycle Book One : Taliesin

  4. Kindle touch arrived! :) Already read two books on it! Starting a third.

  5. 24 Hours left till I can see The Dark Knight Rises with my nephews and nieces! Am I an awesome uncle or what? :D

    1. Inver


      enjoy...I did

    2. vinay87


      It was beautiwesome! :D


      Going to see it again in an hour :)

  6. Going to get a Kindle Touch soon! :)

    1. poppyshake


      Pistols at dawn!;) only kidding .. enjoy!

    2. vinay87


      Lol still a month left for it to arrive at the least. Getting it through a friend of a friend who's in the US on work.

  7. I'm back! Hopefully I'll pop in more frequently! Also, I finished my book :)

    1. vodkafan


      you finished! That's great Vinay!

    2. vinay87


      :) Finished it about 2 months ago tbh. How are you James? How're your kids?
  8. I'm back! Hopefully I'll pop in more frequently! Also, I finished my book :)

  9. I'm back! Hopefully I'll pop in more frequently

  10. Finished Gibbon. Humbled by the sheer size! Will read the entire unabridged version some day.

  11. Gibbon's getting harder to read towards the end. There're far too many names swishing past me right now. But I think this part needs more effort from the reader, something I have to spare at a later juncture for the reread.

  12. Gibbon my man, I salute you. I'm through volume one and almost done with volume two. This is a book everyone must read!

  13. Reading again after a long hiatus. Raymond E. Feist!

  14. Since I haven't been able to read anything for quite some time (weeks, possibly) I'm picking up Les Miserables after a long time. It's my favourite book but I'm sorry to say I've only read the abridged Penguin edition until now. Now I'm picking up the Wordsworth Classics edition (in 2 volumes). Jean Valjean lives!

  15. I am a 24 year old grandfather. (My niece gave birth to a girl this morning, hey that counts doesn't it?!)

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    2. vinay87


      Aw lol the words are the same in my language.


      Doesn't matter though :)

    3. Janet


      Oh, I see. Here, a Grandfather is the father of one of the parents (Dad or Mum) and a Great-uncle/Great-aunt is an uncle/aunt to the parent (if that makes sense!)


    4. Hyzenthlay