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  1. Mad to be Normal

    Indeed. Hot air balloon or pedallo?
  2. Mad to be Normal

    Wow! Have a great time in India! That's going to be better than a film, which you can catch up with any time.
  3. Athena's Reading List 2017

    That girl will go far! Must be great to have a published book under your belt before you have even left school !
  4. The Last Film You Saw - 2017

    We saw Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children again last night.
  5. Vodkafan's 2017 reading experience

    2/3 through At Home now. But have had hardly any time to get on here and talk about books last week or to look at other's book blogs..
  6. The Last Film You Saw - 2017

    I am going to see John Wick 2 next weekend!! It's going to be a brainless action flick I know but I'm not going for the plot.
  7. Poppyshake's Reading Year 2017

    Hi Kay, five pages in already and I am only just saying hello this year...I can't keep up but I will try and look in more regularly. Olive Kitteridge looked sort of interesting...why did she get under your skin if she was so obnoxious? Will I like it? I owe you one for reading Blue World by Jack Vance...should I read this one in return? or something else?
  8. Vodkafan's 2017 reading experience

    He wrote lots...about 100 I think, but only about half of those were SF or fantasy
  9. Vodkafan's 2017 reading experience

    Thanks Bobblybear. I wish you a good one too. The book is At Home. It's about his home but also about what everybody else has done at home throughout history.
  10. Vodkafan's 2017 reading experience

    Reading me some Bryson at the moment...
  11. Hey there!

  12. Hello :)

    Welcome Sazed, glad you are enjoying the UK.
  13. Help Muggle Find New Profile Title

    Sure help yourself to any of those. Before or after you have had a P
  14. Vodkafan's 2017 reading experience

    It doesn't surprise me. Jack Vance has actually always been very popular in Holland and France. His stories must appeal to something in the national psyche!
  15. Vodkafan's 2017 reading experience

    Hi Hayley, That is very kind of you. I have heard of it but never read it. I will take you up on that. Perhaps I might have something you are after and we can do a swap?
  16. Help Muggle Find New Profile Title

    All of those are awesome Chrissy. My own quick thoughts: Book Alien Phrase Evaluator Literal Alchemist Bibliothetical Explorator or any catchy combination of the above.
  17. Janet's Log - Stardate 2017

    I have this one Janet! I knew I had read the name Winifred Foley before and then your review explained it: I have it as the Full Hearts And Empty Bellies version. I am reading it in between other things. I haven't got to the part where she goes off to London yet.
  18. Claire's Book List 2017

    The Screaming Staircase sounds great!
  19. For the Dutch readers out there

    Hi fiction, welcome to the forum. What genre is jij zegt het? What does the title translate to in English?
  20. Vodkafan's 2017 reading experience

    I just finished Night Lamp. It was typical Vance, with lots of flitting about between strange planets, a dash of romance and the parts of a mystery that is resolved near the end. Also at 380 pages, I was grateful that it was not over too soon so I could enjoy it over a few days.
  21. Vodkafan's 2017 reading experience

    That is very kind of you Chrissy! But I have never seen any Jack Vance books in any charity shop, and I have been looking perhaps 20 years! Why this is I can only speculate. Apart from Space Opera, the only ones I know of are some anthologies of his short stories, which seem to be extremely rare. Jack Vance seems to be a marmite author. People who like him REALLY like him, and those who don't get him don't read past the first few pages. Ah, such is life. But I am happy for myself that his work exists, and it has given me much pleasure and inspired my own efforts to scribble a bit.
  22. Vodkafan's 2017 reading experience

    This year I am making a big effort to get hold of Jack Vance SF books that I have not yet read. To my surprise there are still a few. I got hold of Ports Of Call and now am half way through Night Lamp. There is another I haven't read called Space Opera . I also have obtained copies of the Demon Princes novels and one of the Cadwell trilogy called Throy I have been after for a long time. ( I have read them all on kindle, but also wanted treebooks for my shelf). Some of the rarer titles on ebay have been and still are crazy prices (Like £300 for an old paperback!) but I have had a bit of luck and managed to fill in all the gaps inexpensively.
  23. Hey yes that is good news
  24. Putnam's Journey - 2017

    Ayn Rand looks pretty interesting. I might add her books to my wishlist.
  25. Lurker checking in

    Hello Putnam, welcome. Your books sound interesting.