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  1. Probably a blessing in disguise to have no home internet...more time for reading

  2. Visions of Kylie spinning round in the air like a top weeeeeee!

  3. Hi Kylie thanks Birthday was great. Hey what's with the tracksuit are you one of those fit people ?

  4. Hi Abby so you are one of those evil bankers Lol...thanks I had a great birthday. Sorry I have not been a very good Facebook friend I hardly ever go on there it doesn't do much for me. I intend to hang out here more this year.

  5. Hi Abby what job is this eh? Good luck x

  6. Gonna be a long night. Thought I would get to grips with the message system

  7. Namaste Vinay what you up to?

  8. Hi Abby so did you move in the end? And take that new job?

  9. Hi Maureen, how are you doing? Thanks for your comment.

  10. hi frankie, I will catch you later sometime then, enjoy the festival!! Hope your cuz' wedding went well.


    James x