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  1. has a half an hour speech (2,000+ words) to write for Tuesday, and 0 words to show for it. Normal service shall resume as soon as I've gotten enough work done not to get in trouble at school...

    1. Raven
    2. BookJumper


      You try "improving" for half an hour re: Macbeth in a roomful of scholars with half an hour of Q&A (a.k.a. grilling) to follow & see how you like it...

  2. Why hello :) had a bit of an evil-flu-ridden Xmas but apart from that (and being stuck at Heathrow for days), I did have a lovely Xmas :) hope you did to xx

  3. ... someone's pulling your leg I'm afraid, 'beast' is 'bestia' and 'pieru' isn't even a word in Italian XD good to be back, by the way!

  4. Double the priority to get Little, Big read sooner then :) and don't worry, there shall be a review. I can't promise how long it will take me to read it 'cos I'm swimming in high deadline water, but I'll do my best. A bit late for wishing you a good day too, so please have a lovely night's sleep.

  5. Thank you :) it's good to be back. Drowning in essays rather but all other impediments to my love affair with the board have been kicked in the bum, so here I be!

  6. IS. OFFICIALLY. BACK. :)!!!

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    2. ~Andrea~
    3. poppyshake


      I'm a bit late but welcome back Giulia .. missed seeing you around

    4. Genevieve


      I missed you cheri. I hope all things are sunshine, or at least rainbows now.

  7. Settled is a big word, but I'm more it than I was I suppose, and moreover furnished of an internet connection of sorts. & how are we?

  8. Breaking news: 1 year 10 months after the event, heads off to hospital to sort her ankle out. Talk t'y'all later...

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    2. Ooshie


      Hope it all goes well *hug*

    3. Raven


      Hope all goes well! (all this trusting to luck sounds a bit to random to me!)

    4. Kylie


      Yay! I'm sure it has all gone great. *hugs*

  9. *waves* - signed, your favourite moderator on this forum.

  10. You are doing enough by caring :) now. All going well, I'll be moving to Stratford-Upon-Avon; all going pear-shaped, I'll be going back home for a good while. Who knows? Only time and stress will tell xx

  11. Angst not - thou has not offended me in the slightest.

    Things are perfectly horrible, I am very far from settled (currently couchsurfing, soon to return home for September and - all going well - moving out of London for good in October), and re: the square root of 65,978,125.4?, I don't think I've ever known.

    Hope your things are faring better than mine x

  12. Friendly Neighbourhood Mod temporarily unavailable due to lack of fixed abode, back soon (hopefully)!

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    2. vodkafan


      Hi Giulia I missed you. You gone again?

    3. Genevieve


      salut precious Giulia, how I have missed my butterfly, oui, and now I can come on once in a while and read your beautiful posts. A hug for you and a little candle lighted to night also.

    4. Genevieve


      I am all nerves for your owwy cheri. I hope everything was good eh, and you are okay in every way.

  13. *huggle* why you run away? xxx

  14. Yay for telepathic - as well as telematic - hugs, sending you some shamefully belated ones back :friends0: hope you're doing well my friend, watchaupto? xxxxxxxxx

  15. Awww :friends0: there's nowhere you can't be that isn't where you're meant to be to you too sweetheart xxxxxx

  16. Hanging upside down and not looking too chuffed about it like a kitty on a motivational poster, but hanging in there nonetheless :) how are you my friend? I apologise for my rubbishy lack of presence lately. I shall be myself soon, I promise xxxx

  17. ... you misunderestimate yourself; you have done far more than what you term 'enough'. Your friend and fellow Ffinkling is acutely aware of your presence, and you are mistaken if you think that awareness doesn't provide her with comfort :friends0: for as she has said elsewhere, nothing helps quite like knowing that someone, somewhere, cares, and believe me she knows that you care. Trouble is, she's not opening to anyone right now, least of all herself, for the words going around in her head are the type that only get worse and more oppressive and inescapable if spoken out loud. Tell you what though, she hereby makes you a promise. Should she feel like she cannot hold the painful words in any longer, it is in your ear she'll utter them.


    Howzat? xxxxxxx

  18. You poor thing...! How about now, any better? Gonna keep asking until you do, hopefully that should get the poorliness sprinting for the front door. You take care xxx

  19. Thank you for the birthday wishfulness my dear. I'm quite all over the place again if I'm honest though, barely keeping together thanks to coffee, editorial sense of duty, and not wanting to worry the family. I'm trying hard to chill but it's, well, hard. Oh well, still. It must get better, and so must things for you - I hope you're doing even betterer than you were when I heard last. Huggles xxxxxxx

  20. Yay, huggles :friends0: can really use them right now, I'm not in the best of places, you sound like you could do with a few two hunni so here they are :friends0: turns out I'm a silly and my inbox was full after all, heh *looks around sheepishly*:lurker: you take care sweetheart, and no letting the silly narrowminded people get you down oki? xxxxxx

  21. Aw :) I had a nice chilled day with strawberry cake and everything, thank you. Hope you're feeling better now xxx

  22. First of all, sorry for the lateness of this - t'internet providers at my parents' house decided to cut the power for the weekend so...!


    I'm so glad to hear your sister's doing better and that, consequently, you yourself have been feeling less overwhelmed. Thinking of you both, I hope things keep on improving and you can both relax soon *huggle*.


    I'm better than I was, home for ten days for mine and my Dad's birthday, am still a bit troubled/sleepy but compared to how you last heard I was I'm practically treading rainbows with Gerald, so I shall be ok.


    Love and things xxxxxxxx

  23. Yay for cyberhugs *returns them in all their fairy-dusted sparkliness as required * and how are we my dear? Much love and stuffs xxxxx

  24. I'm a bit better, cheers hun :) still wobbly but your awesomeness and thereness has helped a whole big bit *huggle* xxx

  25. Immediate virtual cuddles are always welcome and helpful, my friend :) thank you x