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  1. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo! Excellent choice! :)

  2. I bought 'Vlad'! I bought 'Vlad'! I bought 'Vlad'! I bought 'Vlad'! I bought 'Vlad'! I bought 'Vlad'! I bought 'Vlad'! I bought 'Vlad'! I bought 'Vlad'! Thought I'd let you know. Thanks, Noll. You're a good'un. x

  3. Yo, Kelly. Art reet, girt? (as they say 'ere oop north...) xx

  4. Hello, mate. Just dropping in to say "wotcha!" and ask if you've read any of the Dexter novels? They're brilliant and I think you may well enjoy them! How are things with you? xx

  5. I do indeed know Belper - I grew up in Holloway (the other side of Ambergate to you). I used to take some of my patients to the gardens by the mill quite a lot. Good chippy by the petrol station, n'all! x

  6. Whoa there! You don't live too far from ME! I grew up in sunny Matlock, of all places! Happy days, they were. Halcyon, one could say, if one were a jumped up numpty. Hope you're very well.

  7. Hiya Kelly. You could give one of Christopher Fowler's collection of short stories a go - The Devil in Me is very good. His novels are cracking as well. Try Darkest Day or Rune, or Spanky (very entertaining - not rude, as it would first appear...) Hope you're tickety-boo. xx

  8. Mac

    Hiya. I'm really enjoying Miss Smilla's Feeling For Snow - it's an unusual tale, but I've really warmed to it. I'm about three quarters of the way through, now, so will put my full thoughts on my reading blog when I've done (I've been so busy lately that I've hardly had time to read!)

    How're you doing? Everything okay with you? xx

  9. Mac

    What the hell do you do, with these crazy shifts, my friend? It sounds exhausting! I hope you're alright, Lady. x

  10. Giulia. Greetings. Are you, by any chance, going to the Earl's Court Beer Festival tomorrow? x

  11. Mac

    Hi Charm. How's the back?

    I'm doing something wrong, because I still can't access anything further back than when I log on. I've changed and saved my settings, but am not sure what else to do. Please help. I'm missing you all!!!

  12. Happy birthday, Scarlette. Hope you have a smashing time. x

  13. Hey Andrea. Art reet Girt? (As they say...) x

  14. Yo CW. How goes it, my friend? What's the buzz in Funksville? Art reet, Girt?


  15. Coo-eee! How're you doing, Noll? It looks like Abby's being a little mischievous, the scamp. But don't worry, I caught her and bear hugged her as she dashed away, so do with her what you will!

    Long time no...erm...write? Read? Virtual communicationed?

    Sigh. I just can't get my brain around the correct terminology...


  16. Hiya Sarah. How are things in Groove Town? What news have you? Love the picture, my friend. x

  17. Hang about. How can you have not received any visitor messages yet? Oh. You have. This one! :lol::friends0:

  18. Mac

    Aloha. All the Dexter books are excellent (so far - this is the third) and I'm enjoying this one also. I sometimes have to leave books at home so I don't get them out at work and this is one of them. The kids would feel disgruntled if I were to pay more attention to a novel than them.


    "Aw, Sir! You're really boring!"


    "Yeah? Well, you're a prat, but I can put my book down!"




  19. Whoa! Happy birthday! Have a great evening, Abby! xx

  20. Evening Michelle. I've donated another tenner (it's all I had left in my bank account). I hope you raise enough to keep the forum going. It's a magic site.


    I hope you're lovely and well.


    Matt Mac

  21. Mac

    What's your job, working girl? (That sounded wrong - I meant 'girl who works', not the other definition of the phrase...oh...I'll shut up now...:irked:)


    So, I'm wanting to change jobs - you could have mine, if you wanted! I'm not sure what I really want to do. Life has thrown some spanners occasionally which have threatened to derail me, so I'm wanting to make a good decision for once.


    I hope this finds you very well. Take care and enjoy! :friends0:

  22. I pootled about my garden, having some 'me' time. I don't get a lot of that! I'm sorry you're feeling under the weather, Sarah. I hope you're feeling a lot better now! x

  23. The curry was excellent, thank you. I felt a little rough around the edges this morning, though. Finished what I'd started, didn't I! Still, I've got loads of jobs done. I stuck some stuff in the slow cooker for my dinner tonight, I've cleaned my house, I've ironed enough shirts and stuff to last for more than two weeks and I've read the Sunday Times to a satisfying degree. Nice.


    So, how are you? xx

  24. Mac

    I've just completed throwing stuff into the slow cooker for dinner tonight and I'm going to completely clean the house, as it's pashing at doon ootside, as they say. Do you fancy having a look at my Coast to Coast journal? If you do, pm me your email address and I'll send it over to you. Don't worry if you don't fancy it. It's a load of balls anyway!

  25. Mac

    What a curious last message I sent to you. I wonder if I was under the affluence of incohol in any way...Good consternoon afsterble *hic* and what a dorious glay it is!


    How are you doing? All is good, yes?