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  1. I've lost my mojo :( if anybody finds it please chase it home to me!!

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    2. Kookie


      You may be right, must be the holiday season! lol

    3. Raven


      Soon, there will be lots of little Mojos!

    4. SueK


      Yep, mine has gone AWOL as well - maybe they all ran off together.

  2. Is still trying to figure out how to work the knew forum lol

  3. lol. So how are you?

  4. lol i know what you mean :lol:

  5. Howdy! So how are you today? :D

  6. :D yup same here. I know it was -11 out there:cold:
  7. Yup it ok so far lol what about you?

  8. sorry i cant spell :lol:

  9. awww i am so sorry it was wracked for you :console:

  10. Hey hey. How have you been lately? :D

  11. Hi! long time no talk :lol: so how have you been? I have to say your avatar is gorgeous!

  12. Kookie

    I'm fine thanks. I'm snowed in to couldnt go to school hehe :D

  13. Kookie

    :lol: Thank you so much. So how are you doing?
  14. Hello what have you been up to?

  15. No have i have npot read P&P is it good?

  16. I am fine thanks for asking. I hope that cold will decide to leave soon :lol: So what have you been up to lately?

  17. :lol: I think i was reading but i also think i feel asleep. :roll:
  18. Hi i am back. Did i miss anything?

  19. I am fine. So how are you.

  20. Hi lobg time no talk. What have you been up to?

  21. Well i hope you do really well.