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  1. Robbin Hobb has a series of book beginning with The Farseer Trilogy that starts with Assassin's Aprentice, then The Tawny man trilogy then, Fitz and the Fool.
  2. There's; Anne Bishop's Blood jewels series Trudi Canavan's The Magicians' guild series Octavia E Butler's Kindred Ilona Andrews's Kate Daniel series Wen Spencer's Elfhome series Lisa Shearin's Raine Benares series
  3. Wen Spencer

    I've read a Wen Spencer book lately called The Black Wolves of Boston, has anyone heard of it? Have you read any other books written by this author?
  4. Such a tragedy

  5. Your top ten movie list

    Hmmm, this is tricky Forest Gump Dirty Dancing Matilda The Little Mermaid The Lion King (both the film and the musical) The Matrix The Lady Killers (both the old version and the new version) The Never Ending Story Walace and Gromit Shrek
  6. Books you should like...but don't

    Oh good I thought I was the only one who had a problem trying to read these books. I didn't get past the first book.
  7. Conspiracy Theorists -you will love this

    The old fashioned way was propaganda.
  8. Oh the places I'd go!

    I've spotted The Shadow of the Wind in my library. I already had someone recommend that book to read so I knew that I will eventually read it.
  9. The Fantasy Book and the Movie

    I mostly see film versions of books as separate from the books, like another interpretation of the stories. I have been been persuaded to read the book of film sometimes and yes I'm one of those who had heard of LOTR but never read it until I saw the first movie.
  10. What's up in April?

    I've been out in a summer dress and T-shirts some days. The street that I live in has all those ornamental cherry trees along both sides of it. I get to see all those pink blooms every day now. There will come a time when those petals shake loose then it'll look like pink snow for a while down the street. Spring and autumn in this street is extremely beautiful. In Autumn I'd be walking down a golden tree lined street.
  11. London fiction

    Where I grew up each school even had their own accent.
  12. What's for Dinner?

    I made my own version of margherita pizza. I put some black olives on it too, delicious.
  13. Gay Marriage legal today in England

    I have to agree about civil partnerships being in existence for gay people because they couldn't get married in the UK. I recalled than many hetrosexual couples who did not want to get married complained that they did not have this option available to them when this started. I have heard in that in France everyone one can chose to marry or a civil partnership regardless of sexual orientation. I do happen to know someone who'd like to get herself a wife so its possible I would get to attend a gay wedding and get to here "brides you may now kiss".
  14. Discworld series by Terry Pratchett

    Hi Angury, I recall starting with the Witches. My two favourite characters in Discworld are Granny Weatherwax and Sam Vimes. I found the first book, The Colour of Magic hard to keep my interest but enjoyed the rest of the series. When it comes to the Sam Vimes arc there's Guards Guards, Men at Arms, Feet of Clay, Jingo, Fifth Elephant, Night Watch, Thud and Snuff. If you skip one you may miss out on a bit of the Watch's story line. Some of the characters you'll meet are Nobby, Colon, Carrot, Angua, Detritus and Cheery.
  15. McCaffrey also has a Powers That Be (PTB) series, Acorna series as well as the Dragons and the Ships brain/brawn series.