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  1. Happy birthday, Kelly - hope your day is a good 'un! xXx

  2. Happy birthday!!

  3. Happy Birthday hun, hope it's a lovely one for you xo

  4. Happy birthday, Kelly - have a great day. xx

  5. joe won....just drawn the name out the hat for the Ian Rankin book ....thanks for playing

  6. Bonjour little one. I hope you are doing well.You are in my thoughts today, so I wish you well.

  7. Hello there! How are you? Are you enjoying the snow? I bet the day off work is better than the actual snow! hehe :) x

  8. KELLY!

    mmmmmmmmmmWAH! x

  9. Hey Kelly, just thought I'd drop in and say I was sorry to hear about the problems you've been having with your boyfriend. Things must be pretty tough at the moment for you and I hope eveything works out for the best. Lots of love, Claire x

  10. Hi Lexie, I'm so sorry about your break-up. I can't imagine how tough it is for you right now. I'm thinking of you and sending many hugs your way. *hugs*

  11. Big hugs to you, sweetie!

  12. Hi back to you too :) Welcome to the forum!