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  1. Your Book Activity - March 2021

    I'm reading The Priory of the Orange Tree by Samantha Shannon. It's a "buddyread", a group of readers on Instagram reading it together, and I just finished this week's bit of the book.
  2. Ian's reading 2021

    That means I probably have to read Troubled Blood as a physical book, rather than listening to the audiobook. I've listened to most of this series as audiobooks. Only I tend to get impatient because I can read so much faster than I can listen..
  3. Chrissy's Reading 2021 and Beyond

    It's been a while.. lovely to see you too!
  4. Chrissy's Reading 2021 and Beyond

    Why would you miss all those good books just because they're YA?
  5. Sara's UN challenge

    Sorry JudyM for not answering you sooner- I have set the criteria for my challenge that an author is to be born in the country I wish to cross off my list, and I like it best if that author also has lived in said country as an adult, at least for a short period of time. But I have looked at Marina Lewyckas book now and then and it seems interesting, I haven't read it yet though.
  6. Sara's UN challenge

    Added some more books I've read for this challenge. By now, I think one lifetime isn't enough to complete this. Still, every now and then I read a book for this.
  7. What's the weather like?

    Sunny spring weather. No snow anymore, open sea- no more ice. If this is global warming, I might accept it.
  8. What's up in March? - 2015

    Studying is nice to do when you've had a break from it for .. let's just say several years. But next week won't be so nice, I have to hold a presentation about what I've done so far. It's not that I haven't been doing what I should (only I could have done more of course) but it all looks so confusing now that I have to try and explain it to other people. I hope everyone is doing more or less what they want to, and you are enjoying yourselves!
  9. What's Up In November? - 2014

    Well done! The world needs blood donors!
  10. What's Up In November? - 2014

    Happy birthday!
  11. Hope all other winners are just as happy as I am- my book was in the mail yesterday!
  12. My books were in the mail yesterday! Congratulations to bobblybear and Athena, too.
  13. Books set in book shops?

    There's Laurence Cossé's book, original in French, "Au Bon Roman", I read it in Swedish "Drömbokhandeln", a good translation, it seems to be available in English as "A Novel Bookstore".
  14. What's Up In November? - 2014

    A light sprinkle of snow this morning, a nice change from the soggy grey yesterday. I will accompany three boys to an activity park this afternoon. I'm planning to study, not do any "activities"- I've taken up the economics studies again that I never finished, plus I'm studying what might be called "Information Studies" in English. That's what you need to study to work in a library- all of the studies I need are available as Open University courses and online, and if I manage to keep at it I'll be a librarian in 2016! I might be a Bachelor of economics in 2015. But somehow, that doesn't have the same appeal to me. Anyway, I've found a sympathetic teacher, am almost done sorting out the paperwork of it all, and am doing some assignments the teacher thought would be good to refresh my memory of my previous studies. Oh! And I had some mail yesterday- the books that I won in the Halloween competition! Yay!
  15. Merging Bookshelves in a Relationship

    In our house, it's me and the older son who read.. but my shelves are mine, and his are his. We may borrow books from each other, but it's always clear whose book it is. The few books my husband has, he keeps on his shelf next to his desk, they're mostly "engineering stuff". I wonder what I would have done if I had married a reader? I'm guessing separate shelves.. on the other hand, it's been 20 years since me and my husband met, and most stuff in our house is now "ours". Maybe that would have happened with books as well.