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    I like swimming,Reading, Using Interenet, Going out with Friends
  1. Happy Birthday Laura. Have a gorgeous day! XXX

  2. Happy Birthday Laura! Hope you're having a fabulous day x

  3. Happy Happy Happy Birthday! Have a lovely day Laura. XXX

  4. Just to say hello...and I'm not too bad...just a bit tired at the moment

  5. Hi Laura,

    Yes, those are my puppies, Toby and Lily!

  6. Happy Birthday Laura. I hope you had a great day!

  7. Happy Birthday Laura! Hope you got lots of lovely pressies! :)

  8. Hi yes I have read The Book Thief I loved it - is that what you're reading at the moment?. x

  9. Just thought I would say hi! Am new on this site and just having a mootch around! There seems to be a lot of people from bonny Scotland! Jo x

  10. A bit late, but thanks for my birthday wishes

  11. :lol: Wouldn't it be good if you could just click a button and get a glass of wine!
  12. That's alright. I'm just glad you got it sorted

  13. Good morning. I appear to have missed your birthday (although I have been away, walking across the country in what turned out to be adverse weather conditions!) so, a belated happy birthday to you!


    I have indeed got a cat. He's called Frank and he's extremely aloof! I'll get round to posting some pictures when I've learned how to do so...


    Have a good day. x

  14. Hey, happy belated birthday, hope you had a nice one :)