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  1. Thanks Maureen. :)

  2. Janet

    Thank you. :) I had a great day.

  3. Thank you. :) I had a great day.

  4. Thanks Michelle. :) I had a great day!

  5. Thanks Tiger. :) It's a beautiful day here today - I hope it lasts!

  6. Thanks Kylie. :D

  7. Thanks Supergran. :) I often think I take Bath a bit for granted, living so close. That was why I took the snaps (on my mobile phone!) because I had time to sit on the bench whilst waiting for some friends and actually opened my eyes and looked!

  8. Thanks. :) Your avie is cute too! :D

  9. Hello Welshman. :) It says you have not made any friends yet - well, we can't have that can we, so if you'll permit me to be so bold...

  10. Thanks. :) I don't like my photo so it's rare that I ever post one online.


    Hope you're feeling better today.

  11. Happy birthday for December.



  12. Happy Anniversary Angel - hope you had a great day. :)

  13. Thanks. :) Nice to see you too.

  14. Janet

    *blushes* Thank you. :) I hate having my picture taken so it took ages for me to take one where I didn't look too hideous!

  15. Hello Maureen. *waves back* Nice to see you. :)

  16. Ooh no - I didn't know that. I've just noticed I don't have my year of birth in my profile. I expect I'm older than H&D though - I'll be 42 this year. :)

  17. Like PP I've always imagined you to look like your avatar (hope nobody thinks that of me LOL!). Who is the lady in your avie?


    Nice profile colour scheme btw. :)

  18. Pretty profile. I love the colours

  19. Janet

    Thanks - although I think I might edit it to put a bit of pale yellow somewhere! :) Yours looks very fresh.

  20. Janet

    Oooh, so we do! :D Gotta love purple!

  21. Hello. Another lovely profile colour scheme - it's fun seeing what people have been up to! :)

  22. Janet

    I love looking at everyone's layouts! Yours is very colourful (or is that colorful LOL!) - I like it. :)

  23. Thanks. :) I toned it down a bit, it was a bit 'woah' and in your face before!


    I love yours - the pale yellow and blue colours are very restful!

  24. LOL - I do - although it's a bit too purple even for me! I need to tone it down a bit, methinks!