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  1. hi judy, well i got halfway through and haven't finished it yet..i tend to do that with books..i'll probably finish it some day..it's ok, but i prefered the mayor of casterbridge and far from the madding crowd..particularly the mayor of c..

  2. I haven´t quite finished it yet..I´m one of those people who reads different books at the same time..I´ll probably pick it up again in a few weeks or months.

  3. Hi - just noticed you're reading A Pair of Blue Eyes - I read it recently and thought it was a good read - especially towards the end. Hope you're enjoying it.

  4. it´s a silly ski´hat i got cheap in debenhams..can´t think why it was reduced..

  5. Hehe, silly ski-hat. Got it cheap in debenhams--can´t think why it was reduced..

  6. What on earth have you got on your head Sib?