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      I know that winter is well on the way, but I'm sneaking the autumn giveaway in here, right at the end of the season...     I thought this giveaway seemed particularly appropriate for this year: Dear Reader: The Comfort and Joy of Books by Cathy Rentzenbrink.  I'm sure some of you will have heard of this book. It came out in September and has had brilliant reviews. It's been described as a love letter to reading and I think all of us have truly appreciated 'the comfort and joy of books' this year.  It is also a really beautiful hardback. Please excuse my picture-taking skills, it's really hard to get a good picture of something that's shiny!   As always, patreon supporters will be automatically entered into the draw. If you're not a supporter but you'd like to join our patreon you can do so here:  bookclubforum.co.uk is creating a book community | Patreon


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  1. Seems like you knew what you were doing in the kitchen :p. Did you find the first couple of days of cooking meals for yourself difficult?! Frozen veg, yeah economical, but I prefer fresh veg, but you don't have to prepare frozen veg, so quick and easy to prepare during exam period and stuff. I just boil frozen veg without any seasoning (yes really) and have it with chicken. I am a big fan of instant noodles, not the best food around and I know that, but hey they are ready within 5-10 mins :p. Have chicken 2-3 times a week, they are not too difficult to prepare at least the way I prepare them.
  2. Hello, who here can speak German?

    Errrrm recently I have been reading books in English, but I do read books in German, but not at the moment.
  3. Hello, who here can speak German?

    Hmmm I see :). But don't shy away talking in German, even if you make mistakes here and there, I will still understand it :). So what do you do? Are you a student? And what is favourite book?
  4. i would like to meet people here

    Hi serious girl welcome to this forum Like you I am a new member to :), so high five on that When you said you are a reader and a player, do you mean you like to play video games?!
  5. Hello, who here can speak German?

    *Auf Deutsch mit anderen zu unterhalten
  6. Hello, who here can speak German?

    Hi little Pixie, happy to meet fellow German speaker on this forum :). How long have you been member on this forum for? I am quite new on it, so far I like it. Wenn du willst können wir auf Deutsch sprechen :). Ich muss aber zugeben, seitdem ich nach England umgezogen bin hatte ich nicht so viele Gelegenheiten auf Deutsch, so verzeih mir falls ich Par Fehler mache :).
  7. Never Have I Ever...

    Never have I ever tasted kangaroo meat.
  8. Never Have I Ever...

    Neither have I I have held snakes in my life.
  9. I am a student and like many I am not very good at cooking. Know how to make very simple dishes, however I wouldn't consider them very healthy. So are there any fellow students on this forum, who know how to cook a few simple and nutritional dishes?
  10. I live in the UK, have been living in the UK for just over 5 years and come from Austria where they speak German, so are there any German speakers on this forum?
  11. Your sports

    Hi I am new on this forum :). Anyway, the sports I like are football, jogging and ice-skating. But to be honest if I knew every sport I would do them all, because I think every sport is fun :).
  12. A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman

    So far I am enjoying the book as well :).