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  1. Seems like you knew what you were doing in the kitchen :p. Did you find the first couple of days of cooking meals for yourself difficult?! Frozen veg, yeah economical, but I prefer fresh veg, but you don't have to prepare frozen veg, so quick and easy to prepare during exam period and stuff. I just boil frozen veg without any seasoning (yes really) and have it with chicken. I am a big fan of instant noodles, not the best food around and I know that, but hey they are ready within 5-10 mins :p. Have chicken 2-3 times a week, they are not too difficult to prepare at least the way I prepare them.
  2. Hello, who here can speak German?

    Errrrm recently I have been reading books in English, but I do read books in German, but not at the moment.
  3. Hello, who here can speak German?

    Hmmm I see :). But don't shy away talking in German, even if you make mistakes here and there, I will still understand it :). So what do you do? Are you a student? And what is favourite book?
  4. i would like to meet people here

    Hi serious girl welcome to this forum Like you I am a new member to :), so high five on that When you said you are a reader and a player, do you mean you like to play video games?!
  5. Hello, who here can speak German?

    *Auf Deutsch mit anderen zu unterhalten
  6. Hello, who here can speak German?

    Hi little Pixie, happy to meet fellow German speaker on this forum :). How long have you been member on this forum for? I am quite new on it, so far I like it. Wenn du willst können wir auf Deutsch sprechen :). Ich muss aber zugeben, seitdem ich nach England umgezogen bin hatte ich nicht so viele Gelegenheiten auf Deutsch, so verzeih mir falls ich Par Fehler mache :).
  7. Never Have I Ever...

    Never have I ever tasted kangaroo meat.
  8. Never Have I Ever...

    Neither have I I have held snakes in my life.
  9. I am a student and like many I am not very good at cooking. Know how to make very simple dishes, however I wouldn't consider them very healthy. So are there any fellow students on this forum, who know how to cook a few simple and nutritional dishes?
  10. I live in the UK, have been living in the UK for just over 5 years and come from Austria where they speak German, so are there any German speakers on this forum?
  11. Your sports

    Hi I am new on this forum :). Anyway, the sports I like are football, jogging and ice-skating. But to be honest if I knew every sport I would do them all, because I think every sport is fun :).
  12. A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman

    So far I am enjoying the book as well :).