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Need help to find book.

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Hello. I would like to buy some mystery/thriller/horror books.


Something like:

Some guy is missing, and he left strange note. Then his friends go to mysterious journey to find him. Trains, hotels, murders.. stuff like that. But not like Agatha Christie novels, something darker.



Group of people stranded in creepy Scottish/English village with odd inhabitants and possibly some ancient Celtic ruins nearby.


Are you familiar with any similar book?

I appreciate your help.

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Not totally fitting the criteria, but I would recommend Trust Me by Jeff Abbott, which is about a guy who gets kidnapped by some terrorists and the wild chase that ensues as he runs away from his kidnappers and tries to find out why this is happening to him. Sounds a bit ordinary, but he uses all sorts of modes of transport. Also, Awakening by SJ Bolton, but not if you're afraid of snakes! - very dark, a bit gothic, story of a reclusive woman dragged into an ancient murder mystery, involving sinister cults...

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If you want a good crime read in the right location try Simon Beckett's 'Written In Bone' set on the Hebridean island of Runa or Mo Hayder's 'Pig Island' again set on a remote Scottish island......

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