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Found 18 results

  1. Hi I'm new here, so I apologise if I'm not doing this right. I'm 22 going on 23, male and British. I'm looking to start a new book series, but the internet is vast and I'm struggling to find what I'm after. I like fantasy (sci-fi, dystopian, thriller) and am looking for something of that ilk, but with a little more romance and sex than what I've read so far. And a bit more grit/depravity. The last series I read was the Red Rising books by Pierce Brown, and whilst they were not perfect I really enjoyed the series, particularly the first one. Brown's universe definitely contained both love and sex, however these were often just alluded to or mentioned in passing. The story line was very good, as was the level of fantasy. It is the type of thing I'm looking for. However, whilst the male protagonist's (Darrow) feelings of love were described, and sex was mentioned and talked about, there was not enough description or focus on this. Darrow's character and his motivations were too heroic and he didn't make the most of the situation he was in. There was not enough grit to the book in general. In my teens I read the Churb series and enjoyed it a lot. It was a true young adult series, think Alex Rider (also enjoyed) but with PG13 love and sex. A bit more lighthearted than Alex Rider and a bit more basic in the writing. I want something like Cherub but darker, more descriptive and more complex in both story and literature. Older basically. I'm not going to describe every books/series I've read, so I'll just list all the ones I can remember with a note or two after; (It'll become obvious I don't read much any more and these are mainly books from my teens) - Red Rising (Pierce Brown); see above. Good story and idea, not enough sex. - Cherub (Robert Muchamore); see above. Aimed at a younger audience than me. - Harry Potter (J.K. Rowling); obviously brilliant, not enough love and no sex. - Power of Five (Anthony Horowitz); don't really remember much about it, but it was good. Little love, no sex. - Twilight (Stephenie Meyer); erm... yeah, not completely unenjoyable. Too 'nice' and sweet, not particularly well written. Not enough sexual description and far too much wallowing in feelings and emotions and not enough about the story line, such as it was. - The Hobbit & LOTR (J.R.R. Tolkien); not what I'm after, just great fantasy. - Alex Rider (Anthony Horowitz); a teenage spy in his position would have had a lot more sexual experiences and love interests, and I wanted to hear about them. Enjoyed the series until it started to drag on. - Candy (Kevin Brooks); Has the drugs and darker side to it. Enjoyed it and other books by Kevin Brooks. Has an acceptable focus on love with not enough sexual description and not enough fantasy. - It's So Easy (Duff Mckagan); Autobiography by the bass player of Guns N Roses. Obviously nothing like the type of thing I'm after. But it was very well written, and covers the drugs, sex and generally depraved lifestyle of a rock star. I want the book I read to be a bit more realistic and gritty. It's hard to explain but protagonists tend to be too noble and this is often unrealistic in my opinion. I like more of an anti-hero, although this is not a deal-breaker either way obviously. - Hunger Games (Suzanne Collins); Haven't read this. Kind of world and story I'd enjoy, same old story of not enough sex from what I glean from the movies. - Game of Thrones (George R.R. Martin); Haven't read this. LOVE the TV show. I would have watched the end of the TV show by the time I finished the books. It is perhaps a little too long and fantastical, but having not read it I can't judge. I'm not looking for a Fifty Shades or Twilight, whose focus is on sex and love. I want a more love and sex focused, more grown-up version of the books I've read and enjoyed. I realise I've said I want more sex from a lot of the books I've mentioned, but that's only because the books I read were aimed at a younger audience than I am now. I want both sex and love, I want grit and the darker side we don't often hear about enough in such stories, I want fantasy and dystopia and humour. I hope I've managed to convey what I want, and congratulations if you've made it this far! It got a bit rambly. I'm open to any suggestion
  2. Hello all! I'm looking for a book, Ideally I'm after a stranded, survival in a group scenario held up in a small town, village, pub, hotel, spooky mansion type vibe. perhaps during a severe storm of some sort, and they have to band to together to survive. Preferably set within the UKno issue with genre but not romance .. Anything in and around the above is also welcome I've looked avidly but cant seem to quite find what I'm after, your help is greatly appreciated!
  3. Good morning. This is the very first book-related forum I have registered on, and until this morning I wasn't aware they existed. Looking forward to engaging with like-minded people and hearing recommendations. I'm a recently published author, having stepped into this world quite accidentally after writing my first book as part of my therapy for PTSD. Being an ex-soldier and cop, not too surprisingly I went against the advice of many of our best authors and decided to write about what I know. Books - I've just started reading 'THE SLAP' and I'm working on my third, due to be published Spring 2018. Best regards, Matt.
  4. Hi all.. I'm looking for a book I read about 10 years ago. I can't remember the title or the author.. just something about "Boston" that was on the cover. The storyline was about a boy who ended up raping a little girl in the park/woods who rode a bike and his mother came to find out about his deed when the police began to look for him. She hid him in a secret room/bathroom under the staircase in their house, and (I think) she died and another family moves in while this man is still hidden under the stairs. He ends up kidnapping and raping and killing and burying all of the daughters of the house. Please can anyone help
  5. Hi! I am looking for a crime or thriller or mistery books like The Secret History of Twin Peaks with photos, fake documents etc... Does anyone have suggestions? I red the S. by Doug Dorst and conceived by J.J. Abrams and I liked a lot. Thansk to everyone for helping
  6. Preston and Child

    Long time ago, I read Preston and Child's Relic and got addicted. The setting of the book blended perfectly with the horror movie like aura of the story, and I have never thought about a museum in the same way since. As it was the first book that introduced Special Agent Pendergast, he wasn't as overbearing and overly caricatured as in the later books. I have read and own most of the books the duo have produced, as you may have guessed, I am not a fan of "series" books, and I have come to dislike how the need to have Pendergast in every book they write has limited the imagination of this otherwise creative duo. Such "series" books ultimately become dreary, unimaginative litanies of how some superhuman hero survived yet another overly engineered trap by an equally superhuman nemesis. Ok, the content is interesting, but you know from the moment you turn the first page, that Alouysius Pendergast, the scion of an ultra rich and ultra enigmatic family, and an FBI agent to boot, and his numerous wards and proteges will survive to carry on to another book - even if they get walled up in a Tuscan castle. Their non-Pendergast books are mind-blowing. Ice Limit is one such feast for the brain. So are the books written individually by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. Are you a fan of Preston and Child? What are your favourites?
  7. I'm not sure if this should go here or in crime, but they were written long enough ago and have an iconic enough standing that I'm going to chance it and put them here. Feel free to move me if I am in the wrong! I started reading the first Tom Ripley novel the other day and due to various commitments am only half-way through, but I am enjoying it much more than I expected. Despite, or perhaps because of, the remote tone of the novel, which offers only a very thin internal narrative from the main character, I find it very engaging, a unique and unexpected portrait of a sociopath. Ripley is far from the confident con-man I was expecting from what I knew of the story, but is instead a refreshing mixture of a man both daring and riddled with self-doubt. The books were written long enough ago that the style is no longer in line with those common to modern crime or thriller novels, but the enigmatic psychological portrait is definitely keeping me engaged despite any stylistic reservations I have! Has anyone else read the books? What do you think in general of Highsmith's writing, or her main character?
  8. Can anyone help me to identify this military thriller? An anarchist takes over Russia and disbands state organisations, including the military. He also arranges the assassination of senior members of the US Government, including the President. The vice-president is seriously injured, but survives and takes charge. China decides to invade Siberia and a coalition of US and European countries are dispatched to Siberia to resist the invasion. Key people involved in the tale include two US privates: Semple and Andre, a female TV reporter and her hippy cameraman, and the US General in charge of the collation forces. Thanks.
  9. I read this book a few months back and I absolutely loved it! Brilliant storytelling. A simple story, combined with strong narrative. The lead character, Cormoran is so unique. Galbraith managed to portray some unforgettable characters in this book.
  10. I found this guy's thrillers in eBook format on Amazon, and I just finished his latest "Another Grassy Knoll". This one is a shorter than the others, but I think it's a great read - basically a conspiracy theory plot based on the crash of the Hindenburg zeppelin. I got it free as a promo earlier this week and finished it in two days - perfect for a long flight. I guess the price will go up though. Also loved his earlier one "Stockholm Sin" which had the same investigator. Anyone else try him? I'm buying "Cortona Crime" tonight.
  11. Hi guys, I built an amazing list of books for my wish list/must read list. I was wondering if you could help me find books that have more than one point of view. I really like books that offer different views of an event. anyway let me know what stories you have read and loved that have multiple perspectives.. Thanks guys hope your having an amazing day.
  12. I want to read, but my problem is that I get bored very easily. I like a book that gets to the point and doesn't spend time dwelling over the details in the setting or the colour of a characters flush face. The two series that automatically attracted me and had me hooked in the past were The Chronicles of Vladimir Todd and Cirque Du Freak... Yes both are novels based on vampires, but I don't only read vampire books. I like the mythology, but anything as to the point should do fine. Cirque Du Freak is especially done well due to its thriller/horror elements. Basically, I don't like excruciating detail in a book, half of the reason why I migrated to Comic books, elegantly referred to as Graphic Novels.
  13. I recently read a book, Our Roads Will Always Cross, by Naomi Green. It is a short novel, about a girl who tries to kill her stepfather, who has been torturing her, her brothers and her mother. She finally escapes and tries to start a new life, somewhere far away, but she finds out that her father is sill alive, and then she is faced with the greatest challenge of her life. It is a very strong book, with powerful scenes, and the main character is followed closely. She is very well defined, and it is a true model of a fighter, of a truly strong character. Very well written, and intriguing. The End is really a surprise. Worth reading! And the title is not what you would expect. Has anyone read this book? For those who read it, what do you think about it?
  14. Couldn't believe how fast I finished this book! The characters are so believable and the plot is truly gripping - I just had to keep reading to find out what happened next. It's terrifying to think how quickly society can break down in the wake of a disaster. This book makes you question human nature - do we behave well towards others because it is in our nature or simply because society contains institutions that punish bad behavior?
  15. Hi, I've been lent The Faithless by Martina Cole & am having huge problems getting into it. My friend says that its best to start with her earlier works as she found them more enjoyable than the latest works. Has anyone else read a cross section of her books & if so could you give me an idea of which ones are better to start with? Thanks
  16. I'm basically asking if there is any fiction (probably thriller or science fiction) where a murderer decides based on some kind of vote or poll who he kills, or they can suggest victims etc. I remember seeing a movie where the killer had a website the police could not take down, the first victim was an animal. It doesn't have to be the public making a choice between two victims, fiction where the killer poses a yes or no choice is also an answer (not to the victim, of course). If you know of any fiction with a theme like this, please answer this question! It would be a tremendous help.
  17. From Amazon BILLIONAIRE SUICIDE MYSTERY When news reaches Sister Madeleine that her old friend Howard Barley, a global publishing tycoon, has died in grisly circumstances, she is shocked and extremely suspicious, especially when she learns that Howard left his entire estate to her. Forced to abandon the familiar comforts of St Winifred's convent, Madeleine and her young assistant Roberta take up residence in Milkwood Hall, the billionaire's mansion in Los Angeles, and immediatly find themselves plunged into terrible danger. Burned human remains, mysterious messages, shaking floors, a freezer full of corpses, strangers roaming the grounds, and encounters with a shady organisation she was once only too familiar with- the puzzles keep piling up, forcing Madeleine to draw on every ounce of courage and cunning at her disposal to track down a killer, someone who won't stop until she's dead too. With his signature subversive wit, award winning author,Cash Peters tosses a grenade of originality into the world of action-adventure writing, offering a locomotive ride of suspense, riddles, surprise twists, humor, cliffhangers and timeless characters. ________________________________________________________________________________ About the Author Cash Peters is a British born author/ journalist now living in LA.He is a regular broadcaster on Five Live's Up All Night. He has written three books based on his US T.V. travel show series ; Gullible's Travels, Naked in Dangerous Places and Stranded in Dangerous Places, the first of which won the Benjamin Franklin Award for humour.He is a handwriting analysis expert and has written several books on the subject.A regular contributor to the US magazine Spirituality and Health he takes a great interest in matters spiritual and has recently published a book about his experiences at the house of John of God in Brazil- A Little Book about Believing. Force of Habit is his first novel My Comments Force of Habit is a book full of surprises, not just in terms of the plot, which is outlined above, but also in terms of the characters, the situations they are placed in, humour,etc. The main character, Sister Madeleine, is no ordinary nun,as you will realise if you have seen the picture on the cover of the book She has a secret past which is now catching up with her. When transported to LA she is more than able to defend herself against the enemy and has little need of the ex Navy SEALS engaged to be her body guards. She leaves behind a convent where the novices are referred to as ferrets and are taught combat skills.They learn to sing Christmas songs, such as French translations of Frosty The Snowman and I Saw Mummy Kissing Santa Claus. Daily exercise is taken doing so many circuits round the knitted chapel! Humour in various forms runs alongside the action throughout,but in no way detracts from the suspense. One of my favourite illustrations of this is , Madeleine's assistant explaining why she was always late ,"On one occasion she'd found a budgerigar with a broken beak in the refrectory rafter,she said.Another time,one of the senior canonicals had hanged herself in the gymnasium with her own dressing gown cord and needed to be cut down.There was always somthing" Surprises abound as the plot unravels- we are introduced to several futuristic devices such as a hovmov,which whizzes along a few feet above the ground. The biggest surprise of all comes with the solving of the suicide mystery and the finding of the Executive Codes which Madeleine has been desparately seeking. I enjoyed this book so much that I read it twice. I would recommend it to anyone who likes a good action packed mystery ,particularly if you enjoy something a little offbeat that dares to be different.
  18. I took a chance and ordered the kindle version of Wishbone because someone recommended the book to me on facebook. I have to admit it’s the first book I’ve read in some time that I couldn’t put down. I kept telling myself I would go to bed after the next chapter ended but inevitably I would be compelled to know more and keep reading. The author does a really great job at introducing the characters without over describing every detail. It’s hard to decide who the bad guys are because even the bad guys have heart and you sympathize with them and kind of understand their decisions. The main character (Julien) can be a little over reactive, but who doesn’t know someone like that, and as you get to know him you start to understand why. The author’s style flows well and covers all the important bases but allows for some reader imagination which I like. I hate when authors make the characters so one sided that it feels they are telling you who to love and who to hate. This author lets you decide for yourself. I’m 23 y/o so I was a little put off in the description because the characters are more mature but it didn’t make a difference in my ability to relate to the characters. It’s a thriller with some horror undertones kind of like Stephen King style. Some scary moments that were really creepy but no blood and guts horror. It really made me think about wishes and the trouble I could get myself into. It’s the kind of book I want to go back in a few weeks and read again (kind of like I felt about the movie The Sixth Sense). I hope they make a movie out of this (the authors bio suggests a screen adaption is in the works) cause there are some cool scenes I would really like to see translated to film. To sum it up, it’s a great story. Every time you think you’re heading into the same old clichés the author adds something different to change it up. Highly recommended read. I'll be looking for more works from this author in the future.