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  1. Hi everyone. I need help finding a certain book i used to read when i was a kid. It is a fantasy kid novel, Here are parts off the plot i remeber from it: There is on orphan girl, that gets a pen for birthday or something. It turns out that the pen is magical, and can be used to enter directly in any book story by touching the book. If you wan't to go back, you do something with the pen. Later she meets a boy who is living in same orphanage she's living in, and shares her secret with him. They have alot of adventures, etc. Eventually they find out that they can take characters from book to real world. After entering one of the books about Neverland, captain cook find out about the pen, and invades their city. The boy gets stucked in some kind of tvisted world. Peter pan saves the day. I can't remeber it all. That is what i do remeber, so any help would be great. Thanks in advance. And sorry for bad english