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  1. The Road is incredible. I can almost guarantee you'll like it. Get ready to be seriously depressed though.
  2. Bible The Hobbit Where the Wild Things Are Raging Bull Those are the only books I own that have sentimental value in their physical copies.
  3. Dave Eggers and Ernest Hemingway.
  4. Truly Bizarre Books

    I read that too, haha. I love Cracked. House of Leaves comes to mind, though it's not as bizarre as those. Just real unorthodox. Scary as hell too, once you start to understand it a little.
  5. Why Do We Love to Read?

    I don't like the idea of books and movies being dismissed as just entertainment. I can keep myself entertained with literally anything. Give me a brick and I'll find a way to have fun with it, for a short while. Books and movies are an extremely powerful medium, with potential to be something so much more than entertainment. I'm not going to use the word "entertainment" to describe both a jigsaw puzzle and For Whom the Bell Tolls. Of course, some books and movies are just plain entertainment, but that's not really the stuff that matters. I mean, the Jackass movies are great fun, for me at least. I enjoy watching them. That's entertainment. A movie like The Thin Red Line is more. Sorry if I sound like a pretentious jerk, just my two cents.
  6. What Olympic Sport Would You Choose?

    Boxing, the only sport I really care for. I'm constantly impressed with all the talent I see in every Olympic event, but boxing just outshines 'em all for me.
  7. Self Help Books

    A perfect stranger's guideline on how best to improve yourself.
  8. I took me about 5 tries to get through Fahrenheit 451. I have no idea why, I just could not ever get into it.
  9. Literary porn. I'd rather read a book.
  10. Let's hope I can word this well enough for you to understand what I'm talking about. I'm interested in a story where one person or a group of people stumble upon a different land, outside of ordinary Earth. An entire universe or just a small town. Just a different place, if that makes sense. Think Neverwhere or Kafka on the Shore or even the Narnia books. Hell, even Wizard of Oz. Like a stranger in a strange land kind of thing. People are all in the mysterious place, doing what they're doing. Protagonist is all "oh man what is this place how did I get here how do I get back" Hope that makes sense. Thanks in advance for any reccomendations
  11. Guy's POV

    The Bartimaeus series comes to mind. You can kind of get a coming of age sort of thing, the first book begins when the main character is 5 or so, last book ends at like 18. Would fall under YA fantasy as well, I would think. They're really great books too, a lot of depth to them despite being aimed at younger audiences.
  12. Argon, A Basic Introduction.

    I'm 17 myself. Nice to meet you.