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  1. Before I Go To Sleep - S J Watson

    It is being made into a film with Nicole Kidman, Colin firth and mark strong
  2. Oldie returning!

    Nice to meet you Sue x
  3. New member from Oz!

    Hi Lisa, welcome to the forum :-)
  4. What's for Dinner?

    As I'm alone tonight, couldn't be bothered cooking so I made chicken wraps
  5. Might be a different franchise but I still sense doom lol
  6. I'm a very lucky girl, my lovely boyfriend bought me my own nexus tablet :)

    1. Inver


      very generous

    2. Kirsty_S


      A very early birthday present and very generous of him

  7. Lee Child

    Nick B, it IS similar but not quite, the clip i saw, i think he was at a library, while he witters on about why Tom Cruise was good, he also states "I am contractually obligated not to slag off the film". After he said that it didn't matter what he said, the good things he was saying about the film felt false seeing he felt the need to say he isn't allowed to slag it off
  8. Lee Child

    I agree, he has the sort of attitide that could make you believe he was going to take out 5 guys and win
  9. Fifty Shades of Grey, E.L. James

    You forgot "my sex", that irritated me lol
  10. Lee Child

    And I can't find the link on youtube to the interview where he says it!!
  11. Lee Child

    Ahh Mr Child is contractually obligated NOT to slag off the film
  12. Fifty Shades of Grey, E.L. James

    That made me laugh too Raven. I work with a girl who said that anyone who disliked 50 shades of gray must be a prude in need of a good........ Well I am neither (sorry TMI), and I just found the book (the small part I read) incredibly boring and the writing made me cringe. However, i do think hats off to her, she has made a fortune out of this. I was also disturbed to hear this started out as twilight fan fiction, I suspect some teenage girls have had an interesting sex ed lesson now
  13. The last film you saw - 2013

    Snow White and the Huntsman
  14. The Big Bang Theory

    Oh that episode was hilarious. Amy is my favorite character
  15. Well JJ Abrams got me to like Star Trek so maybe there is hope for the new starwars films. And as much as i was disappointed by episodes I, II and III, I loved IV, V and VI so I live in hope the original magic will be created and I will go to see them. I'm not sure about a new film every couple of years though, I sense doom