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  1. Hello Pickle. Haven't 'seen' you in ages. Have a gorgeous birthday. XXX

  2. Belated Happy Birthday, pickle!

  3. Thanks everyone for the messages I have reached 40 and had a fab weekend sorry not been on much recently will get back into the swing of things soon I promise

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    2. karen.d


      Happy Birthday!

    3. Pixie


      Happy birthday. Wow, you are young! Younger than I am, anyway. :)

    4. Chrissy


      Fab Forty! Enjoy - these years are wonderful. : D

  4. Best Wishes from me

  5. Happy Birthday, pickle, hope you are having a great day :) x

  6. Happy Birthday Pickle lady. Have a lovely day. : ) XXX

  7. woken up after an hours sleep and a nightmare. Feel very odd. I know i was running at the end of it disturbing

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    2. pickle


      Yeah i dropped back to sleep pretty quickly but it was horrible...


    3. Inver


      hate those...xx

    4. vodkafan


      If you are not running in a nightmare it will catch you ! Then you might not wake up....

  8. I nearly bought it yesterday as both a big fan of Pullman and anything fairytale like....will get it eventually I expect
  9. What's Up In October?

    haven't been on much well at least posting just been a bit hectic at work and too tired to contemplaye anything other than work dinner tv and bed in the evening. Still trying to decide what to do for the big 40 in a months time, i am now thinking a spa weekend in devon with a friend quite expensive as I want a pampery one. what else is new???? spent some of the day with my dad as my mum has abandoned him to go to spain for a week to celebrate her birthday with her sisters....both she and my dad reach 70 this year too so its big one for 3 of us. Party central hows everyone else?
  10. Great British Bake Off (Includes Spoilers)

    I loved the barn too, it was very inspired cration. didn't really like Brendan's it was far to twee, though I acknowledge his ability to cook Brendan is loosing a lot of peoples votes because he does come across as being really smug. who's favourite now for you?
  11. What's up in September?

    Cheers guys it went down a treat though I am currently covered in glitter...what brilliant stuff it is edible glitter... Chrissy thats so exciting I hope you have a great time.
  12. What's up in September?

    I haven't been on much recently i do come on and have a look but don't get much of a chance to post. work is mad am short staffed on a million different projects across all the regions so am too knackered in the evenings. However it does seem to be getting better though we are getting busier. I also volunteered to make my nieces birthday cake which is tomorrow so here is the finished piece extra glitter all round she is 6 and loves princess stuff.
  13. Do You Draw?

    Its been a while and I have been busy in the studio this is one I have completed recently and i am pretty happy with it, even though i was squinting towards the end.
  14. i am part way through Notes From a Walnut Tree Farm - Roger Deakin and i have a lovely quote from it I want all my friends to come up like weeds, and I want to be a weed myself, spontaneous and unstoppable. I don't want the kind of friends one has to cultivate. its a lovely and relaxing read for last thing before bed.
  15. Booker Prize 2012

    not read any of them though I might read The Lighthouse as it was written by the sister in law of someone at work.