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  1. Just saying hello.

  2. What are Everyone's Favourite Films?

    Elizabethtown The Jerk Roman Holiday Anything Hitchcock
  3. There are definitely books that I mourn finishing.
  4. I'm fine, thanks. A little distracted, busy.

  5. :006: Hi, long time no see... You OK? :)
  6. If I remember correctly we use to take 95, but I could be mistaken. I haven't been to Long Beach since I was kid. I did say last summer I was going to try and go this year, but never made it. I mostly go to Jones Beach.


    How is your book club going?

  7. I thought the film was good too, but that the end result in the character of Briony was watered down in the movie. I love "Anne of Green Gables" and the series, but I did find it a little long winded at times, while the movie, which I grew up on and could play back by memory, I believe, has few faults... Except for the third installment, which was absolute hypocrisy!
  8. What is the Worst Film You Have Ever Seen?

    "X-Files: I Want to Believe." I was so mad that I had wasted $10 on that crapy movie! I new the reviews were not good, but I grew up on X Files, and I figured for nostalgia's sake it would be fun, but it was just upsetting. It was ****.
  9. I think one of my favorite characteristic that I find in people is what I would call a teachable spirit. That's one of the reason's I like Emma so much. She does deserve to fall on her face, just like all of us do at some point. When she does, she uses the situation to grow into something better. I love that. When we screw up, it is so easy to get defensive because our pride is hurt, but in doing so we can miss the opportunity to became the better version of ourselves. I always image Emma as a better Mrs. Knightly because of the humiliation that she walked and grew through.
  10. Ronda. Welcome to the Forum.


    I wanted to apologize if my post was offensive in any way, or caused doubt in your further participation. There are and always will be too many wonderful books out there, books that I should know more about or should have already read. I am ashamed that any on my discussion would be read as cruel. My desire was to vent my frustration as well as to share some of the humor in the silliness of the human-kind that I found so well highlighted in my current situation; not to be degrading. I shall have to continue to work on my one narrative skills I guess.


    I hope you stick around the Forum, and find some discussions that you enjoy. God bless.



  11. Book Spa

    Wow. That sounds amazing. Please post the link. I would love to check it out.
  12. If you went South 95, then you were about 15 miles from my home town, but if you went South 85, then you passed by a sign for Dinwiddie on the way through. That's were I am from and were my family still lives. Now I live in Chester off of 95, south of Richmond. What about you? I've been to Long Beach, and I went to the city for a day. I hope to go back again sometime soon. A friend of mine has a sister in Long Beach.

  13. Hi! Thanks, I like yours too. I'm from the city. Where in VA are you from? I use to pass through VA every summer when I was kid on our way down south.

  14. Hi there. I saw your avatar. It's cute. You are from my region of the world! Do you live in the city, or in NY state? I am from VA myself.

  15. I think I am going through that now. I have decided that I am not ready to reread that book that I finished, but I am having a hard time moving on, at least moving on to any serious reading... Here I can Emily Loring and Dean Koontz.