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  1. Busy reading

    10th - Outsider by Stephen King That was great. Creepy, tense and gripping. it was a bit darker than I am used to, a little less of the supernatural in it and focused on the psychological side of the story (characters' behaviour, thoughts, doubts and worries), but I liked it just the same.
  2. Busy reading

    8th - Mort Well, I did enjoy it! It was fun, easy reading. Waking the desire to immerse into the Pratchett's Discwolrd even more. 9th - A man called Ove by Frederik Backman Moving, touching, striking the chord. I liked it immensely. Cannot even count how may times I've felt tears running down my cheeks while reading it. Such a bleak existence that the main charcater leads and still so much space for kindness, friendship and empathy in it (even when he tries to hide from everyone and gives them hell). I'll rememeber this book with a great warmth, because everyone has a bit of Ove or Sonia inside and that's wonderful.
  3. Busy reading

    7th -From the other side (Bernard Werber). When I was 15 or 16 I really enjoyed the "Angels" and the "Gods" cycles. Really liked his Universe and ideas, but this was so long ago so I've decided to find out if I still love Werber's style. Well, the answer is clearly "Yes". Although when I was a teenager the books seemed(for my inexperienced mind) to be the essence of wisdom and originality at the same time and now I've just had a good time reading a book about something grim written in a light and humouristic way. Not that I'd add it to the list of my favorites, but it amused me for the time. And now I'm finally reading Mort, I've switched back to e-book from paper ones, so need a bit of time to get used to the screen.
  4. Busy reading

    Always promising myself to watch all the TV series and screen adaptations of the books I've read (Electric dreams, Jonathan Strange and Mr Norell, Gone with the wind, Blade runnner). Still none of them have been watched.
  5. Busy reading

    Certainly! This book will create a whole new world in your mind, so it's better to start with it and then, if the idea sinks in, continue reading other works of Ph. K. Dick
  6. Busy reading

    6th - Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams A collection of stories that became a basis for the TV series. As I like and love and adore and worship Bradbury (I've read almost everything I could have found on paper and on the Net), I try to find same themes (space travel, machines, aliens) in other books and Philip K. Dick's are certainly ones I'd love to read. From the Do androids dream of electric sheep I fell in love with his style and now I'm very fond of these short stories as well.
  7. Busy reading

    I've neglected my writing for a period, couldn't get myself to switch on the laptop. But now I'm ready to report 5th - Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell All the praises I've heard about this book turned out to be truthful indeed, I liked this book and for 2 weeks I've been living inside it. I liked the slow bits that dragged me into the atmosphere of 19th century Britain and helped to unravel the essence of the British magic.Sometimes I even thought it to be a real historical book (so many footnotes ). And I was more than satisfied with the last part of the book that added the sense of an epic battle between and within the characters. I also enjoyed noticing that all the heroes have their own flaws and nobody's absolutely blameless (though you have favourites in spite of this or even thanks to this anyway), at first you desire them to be all chivalrous and "practically perfect in every way", but then you realize seeing them with shortcomings we all may have is much better.
  8. Busy reading

    Hi, thank you
  9. Busy reading

    I'm curently reading Susanna Clarke "Jonathan Strange and Mr Norell" (on p.65 out of 1006) and I really like it.
  10. Busy reading

    4th - The girl who read on the metro (???)Christin Feret -Fleury This is a French book so I'm not sure if the title is correct (I found this one on Amazon). It's funny in an akward sort of way. I blame the translation as the logic was totally missing in some places and I had to read one paragraph three times in a row to understand why were the characters laughing so hard (with tears rolling down their faces) and I didn't succeed. Some expressions and phrases were odd and the translator made a peculiar choice of words. I think it was meant to be "Amelie"-ish and some parts (though short) were really good, but all in all, everything seemed to me a bit unrealistic and far-fetched. But as this book is about the young woman who liked books there was a long list of literature in it that might be useful for me one day.
  11. Busy reading

    "A wizard is never late , nor is he early, he arrives precisely when he means to"
  12. Busy reading

    How to find time to re-read all these brilliant books I've discovered through the years when there're so many treasures that are waiting for me
  13. Busy reading

    Indeed, he is! I was glad to discover more of his books as I tend to read those that appear in different list (especially when I'm in a reading slump) and only Three Men in a Boat was seen everywhere, but I stumbled upon a publishing house with entirely unknown works (his and other author's) and finally was "forced" to enjoy some more of witticisms
  14. Busy reading

    3d - Diary of piligrimage by Jerome K. Jerome. Again travelling and hilarious adventures, I liked the satire on travellers and their habits.
  15. Busy reading

    2nd The end of the sky by Sandi Toksvig The book is amazing! Now I want to be an adventurer riding a horse through the great prairies or at least to be a humble cowboy (or cowgirl) For me, it is like The grapes of wrath but kind of a much lighter version despite of the equally hard, sorrowful and desperate times for the heroes. In this book I aslo see so much hope and joy and life and kindness that I'd advise it to anyone who is feeling a bit down. And now I know that I definitely like adventure stories (and should read more of them) even with the deus ex machina from time to time because it's the way it should be, a legend that inspires people, so a bit of drama with a miraculous end wouldn't hurt The Hannigans were pictured so vividly in my imagination that now I find it hard not to refer to them as real people, they are all so warm, kind and compassionate, they show such will to live and to protect each other, in many ways they are an example to follow. I have been to the end of the earth, I have been to the end of the waters, I have been to the end of the sky. I have been to the end of the mountains, I have found none that are not my friends. Navajo proverb