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  1. Busy reading

    I'm curently reading Susanna Clarke "Jonathan Strange and Mr Norell" (on p.65 out of 1006) and I really like it.
  2. Busy reading

    4th - The girl who read on the metro (???)Christin Feret -Fleury This is a French book so I'm not sure if the title is correct (I found this one on Amazon). It's funny in an akward sort of way. I blame the translation as the logic was totally missing in some places and I had to read one paragraph three times in a row to understand why were the characters laughing so hard (with tears rolling down their faces) and I didn't succeed. Some expressions and phrases were odd and the translator made a peculiar choice of words. I think it was meant to be "Amelie"-ish and some parts (though short) were really good, but all in all, everything seemed to me a bit unrealistic and far-fetched. But as this book is about the young woman who liked books there was a long list of literature in it that might be useful for me one day.
  3. Busy reading

    "A wizard is never late , nor is he early, he arrives precisely when he means to"
  4. Busy reading

    How to find time to re-read all these brilliant books I've discovered through the years when there're so many treasures that are waiting for me
  5. Busy reading

    Indeed, he is! I was glad to discover more of his books as I tend to read those that appear in different list (especially when I'm in a reading slump) and only Three Men in a Boat was seen everywhere, but I stumbled upon a publishing house with entirely unknown works (his and other author's) and finally was "forced" to enjoy some more of witticisms
  6. Busy reading

    3d - Diary of piligrimage by Jerome K. Jerome. Again travelling and hilarious adventures, I liked the satire on travellers and their habits.
  7. Busy reading

    2nd The end of the sky by Sandi Toksvig The book is amazing! Now I want to be an adventurer riding a horse through the great prairies or at least to be a humble cowboy (or cowgirl) For me, it is like The grapes of wrath but kind of a much lighter version despite of the equally hard, sorrowful and desperate times for the heroes. In this book I aslo see so much hope and joy and life and kindness that I'd advise it to anyone who is feeling a bit down. And now I know that I definitely like adventure stories (and should read more of them) even with the deus ex machina from time to time because it's the way it should be, a legend that inspires people, so a bit of drama with a miraculous end wouldn't hurt The Hannigans were pictured so vividly in my imagination that now I find it hard not to refer to them as real people, they are all so warm, kind and compassionate, they show such will to live and to protect each other, in many ways they are an example to follow. I have been to the end of the earth, I have been to the end of the waters, I have been to the end of the sky. I have been to the end of the mountains, I have found none that are not my friends. Navajo proverb
  8. Busy reading

    It's so pleasant sometimes to read something that reminds you about a particular period in your life, plus a great opportunity to revalue the story and open up so many nuances that weren't noticed. I experienced the benefit of it when I re-read the Lermontov's A hero of our time I have finally understood the hero and the motives, something I wasn't able to do when I was 13.
  9. Busy reading

    Thank you!
  10. Busy reading

    Happy new reading year to everyone! 1st - Wind in the willows I wish we all were and had such amazing friends as the Badger, Mole and Water Rat were to blithe Mr Toad. Admired introduction by Alan Milne.
  11. Busy reading

    40th - Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens. Occasionally I switch to the children's books, they allow me to bring some magic into my life, see the world from the child's perspective. In these books I find so many peculiar ideas and images that my logic-centered mind cannot produce anymore. I knew Peter Pan by the cartoon I watched a thousand times when I was a kid and I am so glad to finally get acquainted with the book version of the little boy's story. It was beautiful but sad. This fairy tale definitely became one of my favourite ones.
  12. Busy reading

    39th - A tale of two cities. I enjoyed reading this one like nothing else. It's been a long time since any book made me cry (was it A tree that grows in Brooklyn or Gone with the wind the last?). It also reminded me The gadfly and some of Balzac. The first part of the book was all tenderness and sorrow as ode to the lost hopes, but the second one was all fire, hatred and revenge, true depiction of the complexity of human nature. Sydney Carton has his own place in my reader's heart from now on.
  13. Busy reading

    Well, I only hope that I'll be able to improve my English, reading in it influences the way I speak, think or write a lot, I suppose now it's a mixture of the Jane Austen novels and QI . Oh, I've had my eyes on this one for many moonsI've read a substantial amount of French literature and it always makes me feel every part of the character's soul so vividly (as if his/her life experienced myself), that I even fear it
  14. Busy reading

    Not late at all, I am eager to hear all the recommendations about these series I can and I am already trying to find Mort in online bookshops.
  15. Busy reading

    You're right, I'm not a native English speaker, so apologies for my clumsy way of expressing myself if that betrayed me (I really try) All the books that were originally written in English I read in English as I find the translations to be the work of two minds (the author's and the translator's) whereas I want to read the original text and feel exactly what the author wanted to picture in my imagination. And it (my non-English background) may be one of the reasons why Middlemarch went slowly, hope that in some period of time I'll be able to reread and like it better.