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  1. If you like mysteries, I would recommend any book by Dan Brown. His books have authentic protagonists and there are so many puzzles and twists to his stories that will keep your brain too busy to think about work. It's also educational because there is so much historical content in them as well. Do you like romance novels? I recommend Jenny Han. There's also TONS of other great romance novelists! Do you like supernatural thrillers? The book of the month, Raven Peak by Lincoln Cole is very popular right now. You should check it out. It's a series so that will keep you busy for a while. In general, I just think you should look for a good fiction. Whenever I'm stressed or want to escape my own head, I pick up a book so I can get into some one elses.
  2. Cozy Mysteries

    Cozy Mystery books are totally a guilty pleasure of mine. I don't have to think too much while I read them and I love the themes and how easy yet enjoyable they are. Which have you read? These are ones that I've read, maybe you can find something new from my list: The Flower Shop Mystery series by Kate Collins (fun fact: the town is based on the city where I work, near where I live) Coffehouse Mystery by Cleo Coyle Books by the Bay by Ellery Adams I've also read some with the theme of knitting, more on coffee, and others, but I have to look up the titles and authors.