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  1. I've got a lot of these, and have read a few, like Budgie mainly Xmas ones, and I wasn't that keen on Mystery in White, but the Santa Klaus Murder was much better.  They are very collectable though, some of the covers are stunning.


    I keep meaning to read more of them!  I suspect they're probably a bit variable in quality, and some definitely feel a bit dated, which is inevitable. 

  2. An Island Christmas" by Jenny Colgan - this is the latest in the Mure series of novels set on a tiny Scottish island, and as the title says the close-knit community are preparing for Christmas, but other events are overshadowing the festivities, such as Flora's pregnancy by her troubled boyfriend Joel, and the serious illness of US businessman Colton, who has relocated to the island and opened a new hotel, but is sadly in the final stages of cancer, and being nursed by his partner, Flora's brother Fintan. Then there's Flora's best friend Lorna, who is in love with the local doctor Saif - a refugee from Syria, who is trying to settle on the island with his two young sons, but is desperate for news of his missing wife, and there are also various members of Flora's family who drift in and out, including the dog Bramble! It's a gentle of a close knit community, but the author also shows how claustrophobic such a setting can be, even if the locals are as well-meaning and caring (mostly) as the residents of Mure. But matters escalate when a terrible storm hits, and it looks like more than one issue will be resolved, or have to be faced. This is a warm and witty book, and the little community is actually very believable, as is the setting - a small rock out in the Atlantic! Enjoyable, and I look forward to reading the first two books in this series. 7/10

  3. As it's only just been released I've copied it over from 2019:


    I saw Little Women on Sunday - I enjoyed it, but thought there was too much jumping back and forth between childhood and adulthood, I think anyone who doesn't know the story would be completely confused!  Beautifully filmed and acted though.

  4. Favourite read? The Darkness by Ragnar Jonasson

    Favourite author? Mari Hannah

    Most read author? L J Ross

    Favourite book cover? The Ghost Tree by Barbara Erskine

    Book you abandoned (if there was more than one, the one you read least of)? N/A

    Book you liked the least (if different to book abandoned)? 

    Agatha Raisin and the Dead Ringer by M C Beaton

    Book that most disappointed you?
 The Likeness by Tana French

    Funniest book?

    Favourite literary character? Ruth Galloway

Favourite children's book?

    Favourite classic?

    Favourite non-fiction book?

    Favourite biography?

    Favourite collection of short stories? N/A only read one collection

Favourite poetry collection?

    Favourite illustrated book?

    Favourite publisher?

    Favourite audiobook? N/A

    Favourite re-read? N/A