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  1. Crime experts: I want to read either one of this two novels. The Woman in White or Cime and Punishment. Both have amazing reviews and it has been hard to choose. Would you have any for suggestion to help me choose? Thank you =]
  2. Douglas Adams! I don't think he could ever had written to much. His humor is just too great
  3. I am not sure you are a fan of the old guys, but I think that Oscar Wilde has some traces in common with the Authors you mentioned. The Picture of Dorian Gray is a great Classic and quite a fast read =] Enjoy!
  4. Even thogh I would like to say shop, all my last books were ordered online. Amazon has this thing of buying used books (it is better for the environment) for a cent!
  5. I am half way there! I'm still missing The sign of the Four and the 3 last ones =] Though, would you recommend The Study in Scarlet for first timers? The novel has some very unnexpected turns (I am trying to avoid some spoilers here!) and there is no way the reader can guess the murderer.
  6. There are better Brazilian books than these! I am still glad to be in the list though =] Captains from the Sand - Jorge Amado. He takes you to the life of street boys with no mother nor father, definetly one of the best books I've ever read. O Cortiço - Aluízio de Azevedo. An extreme naturalist, he shows in great matter how your surrondings shape you (in this book, the carachters).
  7. If you read a book a month (I know it is easy for some people, but I really struggle to do that), it will take you 83 years and about 5 months to finish the challenge! Long life to the readers!
  8. If you are a fan of the old guys I would recommend you The Count of Monte Cristo - Alexandre Dumas. It was a page turner for me, it is a long book, but was among the fastest I have ever read (I like to keep my peace and read slow).
  9. It is hard to rank them! 1- The God Father - Mario Puzzo 2- The Count of Monte Cristo - Alexandre Dumas 3- Harry Potter serieas - JK 4- The Maverick - Ricardo Semler 5- The seven day weeked - Ricardo Semler 6- The Three Mosketeers - Alexandre Dumas 7- The Picture of Dorian Gray - Oscar Wilde 8- The Happiness Hypotesis - Jonathan Haidt 9- Delivering Happiness - Tony Hsieh 10- The four hours work week - Tim Feriz I read as much ficton as non-fiction, I like to keep the balance =)
  10. Yes, Self help books can often be just a bunch of common sense frases pilled up in a enough thick paper stack to be called book! Though that is not the case with the following: The Hapinnes Hypotesis - Jonathan Haidt (more scientific/research point of view) The 4 hours work week - Tim Ferris (it sounds like a scam, it seems as a scam many times during the book, but it gives life changing insights!)
  11. The Godfather - Mario Puzzo (it still not old enough to be a classic, but it is so amazing I can't help myself) The Count Of Monte Cristo - Alexandre Dumas (a page turner!) The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (as well as the rest of the Sherlock Holmes series)
  12. I wish I could help... but it pretty vage to me. Do you have anyone's names or more of the back plot? Like where and when it takes place
  13. I just started Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen! It is funny and the plod develops in a very interesting way. Not exactly my kind of reading though. Yesterday a book arrived home. The Maverick, by Ricardo Semler, I better go back to reading before more books arrive! See ya Victor Zuanazzi
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