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An Abundance of katherines

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I wasn't pulled into Looking for Alaska, John Green's debut novel. Not so with An Abundance of Katherines. His writing is crisp, clear and his voice is hilarious.


These characters pop off the page and stay with you throughout their odd ball journey on a road trip that takes them to a funky town with even funkier people.


This is a YA book, but as an adult, I found it every bit as satisfying as any adult read. More so even, as it was less profuse with excess and kept plot and dialog and descriptions tight.


The mathematical theorums the main character obsesses over were like reading Chinese to me, math flunkie that I am, but I skimmed over those without losing any interest or key story elements.


Overall, I'd highly reccommend An Abundance of KAtherines for great laughs and a satisfying if not off beat adventure ride.



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