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A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man by James Joyce

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Finished this after reading 'Ulysses'. This is easier to read than 'Ulysses', but I found Chapter 3 heavy going, but interesting as an insight into Catholic doctrine. As a Bildungsroman felt this was average. Stephen's character develops along with the language, which is effective. However I felt he only develops so far.


Many of the motives/themes presented are taken up in 'Ulysses' and expanded on. How Stephen is at the end, explains his dissolute behavior in 'Ulysses'. This was an interesting read, but I prefer 'Ulysses'

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I've had this book since I was 12. I thought i'd be an easy read because of the moocow bit. But then I saw how hard it was to read and didn't try it after. Now that 11 years have passed, maybe I'm ready for it.

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