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Alias Grace

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As recommended by Hayley and I am so very glad I read it because otherwise I would not have and what a miss that would have been!


I have read Atwood before and so it was easy to take the recomendation because I knew it would be good, but that's all I knew.  The title is a great one and I did not realise that it referred to the lead character, Grace Marks. The book is fiction but Grace Marks is a real person and the furore that surrounded her is also real insofaras she was jailed for murder.  The other main characters were also real and James McDermott was hanged for his part in the murders. Set in the 1800's in Canada and America this is the imaginary life story of Grace Marks and the shocking (at the time) murder of her last employer and his housekeeper. How much did Grace know? How much was she involved?  Why did she run? Why is she wearing the dead woman's clothes? 


I won't giveaway the ending but the book is superb and well worth the reading.  It felt good to read a 500+ page book again and this one is exceptional. 



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