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      The forum is going to be offline while our new hosts backup and update the site. We'll be back soon and you can check our twitter (@bookclubforum) or the patreon page ( bookclubforum.co.uk is creating a book community | Patreon ) for updates.   See you all soon!  

Paul's Reading List 2011

Recommended Posts

Will Elder: The MAD Playboy Of Art - Will Elder (started December 2010)

Kraken - China Mieville (started December 2010)

What It Is - Lynda Barry

Life - Keith Richards

The Book Of Genesis Illustrated by R.Crumb - Robert Crumb

Making Comics - Scott McCloud

It's Lovely To Be Here - James Yorkston

The Fry Chronicles - Stephen Fry

The Sinking Spell - Edward Gorey

The Eclectic Abecedarium - Edward Gorey

The Blue Aspic - Edward Gorey

The Remembered Visit - Edward Gorey

The Black Doll - Edward Gorey

Wimbledon Green - Seth

Good Morning Nantwich: Adventures in Breakfast Radio - Phill Jupitus

McSweeney's 36 - Dave Eggers (Ed.)

Castle Waiting: Volume II - Linda Medley

Wireless - Charles Stross

The Evil Garden - Edward Gorey

Dark Entries - Ian Rankin

Lust - Geoff Ryman

Indigo - Graham Joyce

The Facts Of Life - Graham Joyce

The Dreaming Void - Peter F Hamilton

What Would Keith Richards Do? - Jessica Pallington West

The Complete Calvin And Hobbes - Bill Watterson

The Temporal Void - Peter F Hamilton

The Evolutionary Void - Peter F Hamilton

McSweeney's 37 - Dave Eggers (Ed.)

Best Of Q: Who The Hell...? - Tom Hibbert

Shades Of Grey - Jasper Fforde

Usagi Yojimbo: The Special Edition - Stan Sakai

Burned - Thomas Enger

Singularity Sky - Charles Stross

Whiskey & Philosophy - Fritz Allhoff / Marcus P. Adams (eds.)

Pixel Juice - Jeff Noon

Birds Britannica - Mark Cocker

McSweeney's 38 - Dave Eggers (Ed.)

Iron Sunrise - Charles Stross

Floating Worlds - Peter F. Neumeyer & Edward Gorey

The Adventures Of Luther Arkwright - Bryan Talbot

The Acme Novelty Library No.16 - Chris Ware

The Acme Novelty Library No.17 - Chris Ware

The Acme Novelty Library No.18 - Chris Ware

The Acme Novelty Library No.19 - Chris Ware

The Acme Novelty Library No.20 - Chris Ware

Heart Of Empire - Bryan Talbot

Alec: The years Have Pants - Eddie Campbell

The Trickster - Muriel Gray

Watching Waterbirds - Kate Humble and Martin McGill

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