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A large second hand book shop adjacent to a stately home.

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Towards the end of last year my wife and I went on a coach holiday encouraged by the brochure saying that one of the visits would be to a stately home with a very large second hand book shop adjacent to it.  We weren't disappointed because the second hand book shop was fantastic and the cafe wasn't bad either.  I found the stately home rather dark because they had to keep many of the rooms curtained to protect the fabrics. Anyway, I found a number of books to help me with my studies into what I refer to as the, Israel Palestine question so was quite satisfied. 

I decided then that I would like to visit the book shop again in our camper because it would give us more time to search it but fool that I was I did not take its address and neither my wife.  Neither of us, I hope are going ga ga but we are unable to remember where the stately home and very large second hand book shop are because.  Our excuse is that wedid get about a fair bit last year so were looking for some hints. 

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