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Looking for a book title unknown

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I am looking for a book that may help a male friend who is struggling with the validation of his father. It's something that he has been seeking for almost 40 years but it's not and won't be forthcoming. I would like any recommendations of a read (a self help styled book I guess) that might help him discard the need for validation and be happy in his own skin. Thank you.

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A lot of people seem to find Homecoming by John Bradshaw helpful for wounded parent relationships; it’s inner child work giving yourself the validation you didn’t get. I also have it on good authority that Crucial Conversations is excellent for having tough conversations like about past conflicts or something like that, though I don’t think it’s about building self-esteem overall. Personally though, for self-esteem itself, the thing that’s made the most impact hasn’t been a book. I use the content from a guy named Julien Blanc and he has some free videos on YouTube. I’m not in your friend’s situation but his content is for people in all kinds of situations.

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