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So I finished reading a novel called fangirl. it was a nice novel about a girl's experience ''Cath" who is a twin in college and the difficulties she has to conquer. I thought the story was will-written . I definitely give it a 4 out of 5 stars. I thought it was real and could be related to. I also think that how the main character 'Cath' was introduced to the characters was sometimes sudden but real-like and smooth. When I was in college I wasn't as anti-social as Cath was but I wasn't much of a writer wither let alone a famous one, which is what Cath does, write fanfiction.


I like the character of Levi the most, because he resembles the sunshine and warm embraces, always making an effort to be friendly.


but I didn't really liked how it ends, it was like it was missing something more, another obstacle, or a new resolution made by the heroine of the story. 


What do you think about this novel? was it good or not? Who did you like the most? and you can share a favorite quote as well.


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It was some years ago that I read Fangirl but I really, really enjoyed reading it! At first I thought I wouldn't get on with it because there was the first page of the fan-fiction stuff that Cath writes, and that didn't interest me, but I kept on reading and I was completely hooked, I didn't want to put the book down! I don't remember much about the story or the characters, though, I'm afraid! 


There are a few members on here who've read Rowell's books, here's a thread on her where you can find some comments on Fangirl, if you want to check them out! :smile2:

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