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500 Internal Server Error

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We're aware that sometimes when trying to post, members can face a '500 Internal Server Error' page. This is being caused by a security system being run on the server, and is something I have no control over. I am in contact with the server support team, and they are trying to work on the issue.


If you are trying to post and you get this error page, do not keep trying. If the error is flagged up too much, you will find it difficult to even access the forum for a while. If it's an important post, we have found that splitting it up over 2 or 3 posts often helps, so you could try that.


Most importantly, please email me bookclubforum1@gmail.com - most importantly let me know what your IP address is (visit http://ip.liquidweb.com/ to find it) and what time you trying to post. If possible, include your intended post. I can pass this information to support, and they tell me that after they deal with a few, it should settle and stop happening. 


I apologise for this - I'm finding it extremely frustrating that apparently simple posts are triggering critical security warnings.. but all I can do is pass the information to support, and hope it will improve. 

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